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Landscape Articles for the Seattle and surrounding areas.

Garden Structures

These articles are about garden structures -- elements within the garden designed to add uniqueness and beauty. They are a platform for the color that surrounds them. A garden structure can take many forms from interesting patios and tile-work to water features and garden sculptures. Some garden structures serve a useful purpose as well, such as garden steps and rock walls.

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Garden walls
Garden walls are built for a variety of reasons -- visual appeal as well as useful purposes -- and enhance a garden with their many attributes.

Ideas for garden walls
If you know you need a garden wall but have no idea what kind, we at Environmental Construction are here to help.

Crossword puzzle -- landscaping with hardscapes
What is one landscaping project that's really hard, but a whole lot of fun? You're about to find out. Go ahead...take a peek.

Build a patio for a sculpture, ornament, or water feature
Creating the perfect place to display a sculpture, monolith, fountain, or ornament, may be to build a patio.

Outdoor storage - accessories for the garden
Is building a large storage unit on your To-Do List for this summer? Then hold on!...Here are some ideas for outdoor storage.

Garden gates
Take a walk through the garden gate and consider the possibilities.

Add an herb garden wall to your outdoor kitchen
Garden walls, especially for growing herbs, are the new trend in outdoor kitchen construction.

Garden landscape edging ideas
Why you may want to install landscape edging, and some things to think about before you begin.

Plastic garden benches…or stone, wood, metal
Every garden needs a place where you and your guests can sit and relax and enjoy the beauty of the landscape, but what type of garden bench do you choose - plastic, stone, wood, or metal? What are all the pluses and minuses? And Is there such a thing as "the perfect garden bench"?

Our Landscape Company

Environmental Construction landscaping company has been constructing unique landscape designs in the Seattle area since 1990. These articles talk about the landscaping business and information about our company that may interest you.

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Seattle landscape company does more than dream.
Environmental Construction, Inc. is a full-service landscape company based near Seattle, Washington. We have been in business since 1990 and have completed a wide range of projects over the years. We want to help you reconnect with that inner child who daydreams of a beautiful castle and garden oasis; who knows how amazing it feels to play in the garden and keep company with friends.

Hiring a Landscape Architect vs. Landscape Design Build firm
Here we answer the question as to whether you need a Landscape Architect or Landscape Design/Build company for your home landscaping project.

Consistent quality landscaping -- how we do it.
Here’s a secret you’re welcome to share. What gives our landscape company “the edge”? Why have we been able to provide consistent quality landscaping for over 22 years?

Commercial landscape equipment used by our company
Quality landscaping requires more than shovels and rakes. Take a peek at the monster machines and high-tech tools we use at Environmental Construction Inc.

Landscape maintenance vs. garden stewardship
What is the difference between a landscape maintenance company and garden stewards? Let me tell you...

How do we guarantee plant growth?
In case you are wondering how Environmental Construction can possibly guarantee plantings with all the variables that need to be considered...then please let us explain.

Landscaping service – the perfect gift
Environmental Construction Inc. provides a winter landscaping service that would be the best gift for any homeowner.

Landscaping near me
Searching for a landscaping company outside your local community may provide a better option.

Landscape Design

These articles are all about creating unique landscape designs -- a perfect beginning to improving your outdoor living spaces. Sit back...relax and enjoy our collection of landscape design blogs. Then contact us with questions or to request a consultation. Environmental Construction wants to help you design a landscape that you will cherish for years.

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When to begin a landscape design project
A landscape design project can take several weeks of planning. Here is what you can do now to get started.

Landscaping with re-used materials
Re-using landscape materials, such as wood from an old barn, creates a unique and treasured landscape design.

Front entry landscaping
Designing a front entry so it showcases your home.

Garden Design - Landscape Blueprints
Why do we need blueprints for landscape design?

Rain gardens rock!
Here's to the rain! Let's celebrate the season with a rain garden and make it your own unique design.

Outdoor light installation
Environmental Construction can help you brighten up the dark winter ahead with outdoor lighting installed near walkways, in fountains, pools, and on decks and patios.

That’s swale construction
Swales and bio-swales are an intricate part of our Pacific Northwest landscapes. View a video of our recent swale construction.

Large rocks and little stones used in landscaping
The use of rocks and stones in the landscape design serves a multitude of purposes.

A moonlight garden...the new romantic get-away
Is there anything more romantic than a garden walk in the moonlight?

Colorful garden design in the Pacific Northwest
Creating an interesting garden with an eye on color.

Landscaping a hillside
Hillsides and excessive rain are not compatible, but slope landscaping and terracing can create a beautiful relationship.

Curb appeal - front and back
Are you getting ready to sell your home. Never underestimate the value of curb appeal...front and back.

Glass in the garden
A visit to Chihuly Garden of Glass in Seattle is enough to make us want to talk about using glass in the garden.

A list of flowers is the place to start
Whether creating a landscape design of native plants or succulents, a list of flowers is the place to start.

Landscape design for summer plantings
Landscape design is a tricky task. Here are a few tips to create and awesome summer garden.

Garden planning starts in fall
It's Fall and time to get to work designing the garden. Here are some suggestions.

Landscape Maintenance

Proper maintenance of bushes, flowers, and landscape features is as important as the initial design and installation. Here we have written several blogs to help answer your questions related to maintaining the beauty of your landscape.

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Tree pruning in the Northwest is just what the doctor ordered
Trees will grow healthy and beautifully if the tree pruning is done correctly and at the right time of year.

Transplanting plants – is it time for the move
Plants grow so well in our Seattle climate that before long it's time to transplant them to a new area in the garden. Protect your plants by learning a few techniques to ensure success when it's time for transplanting your plants.

Fall clean-up and maintenance
When it's time for Fall clean-up and maintenance, these are the things you need to know.

Checklist for fall landscape maintenance
With so many fall landscape maintenance chores to remember, we hope this simple checklist will help.

Cleaning walkways and patios of moss and algae
Here are some of the products and chemicals typically used to clean moss and algae from walkways and patios in the Seattle area and the effect these cleaning products and methods can have on the environment.

Yard maintenance in Seattle vs. garden stewardship
In busy Seattle, garden stewardship trumps your average yard maintenance service. Let us explain…

Landscape fabric used in landscape design and maintenance
There are so many types of landscape fabric variations used in landscape design and maintenance. They are not just used for controlling weeds. So which landscape fabric do you choose, and when?

So mulch to write about
Why landscape mulch is recommended and what type to use.

Mulching with compost, wood chips, or bark
Mulching with compost, wood chips, or bark...that is the question. Spreading mulch is beneficial for the garden, but we have our favorite combination.

Advice about watering plants
When and how much to water is often a challenge for home owners. Here is some good advice about watering plants to help quench your garden's thirst and keep it healthy.

Garden fertilizer
What type of garden fertilizer do you need? Let me tell you.

Lawn care service
Simple steps to lawn care in the Pacific Northwest.

Pruning roses and fruit trees
Proper pruning is an art. Before you start snipping at branches this winter, take some time to read about how to prune roses and fruit trees.

Spring cleanup checklist
Here’s the best garden tool of all for spring cleanup: A Spring Cleanup Checklist!

Lawn care management in spring
You can "roll out the green carpet" this summer, but it will take a little work. Environmental Construction Inc. offers some simple advice to help with lawn care management this spring.

Landscape Construction

Increase the usability of your outdoor spaces with a variety of landscape features from outdoor kitchen design to fencing and deck construction. These articles are related to building structures within the landscape.

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Accessories for outdoor kitchens
Do you have an outdoor kitchen or are you planning to build one? Let's talk accessories.

Build an outdoor patio with kitchen design
An outdoor patio with kitchen and cooking area adds living space, function, and style. It is like adding a whole new room to your home.

Outdoor fireplaces by Seattle landscape designer
Seattle area homeowners love having an outdoor fireplace in their landscape or on their deck or patio.

Outdoor fireplace safety for Seattle area homeowners
An outdoor fireplace installed in the Seattle area can be wonderful addition to the home and garden, but pay attention to these safety tips.

Wood used in gardens and outdoor construction
Nanotech greatly reduces leaching in pressure-treated lumber. Gardeners with raised beds rejoice! Deck builders sigh with relief.

Deck design and construction in Seattle
In Seattle, we love our cedar decks. Deck construction is especially popular because the wood looks so beautiful next to all of our greenery. But maintaining a deck? Well…that’s not always so “beautiful”. In this blog we discuss cedar decks and composite decks, and a few things you might want to know about each.

Driveway Pavers
Why would anyone tear up an asphalt driveway and replace it with driveway pavers or other types of stone application? Here are a few reasons.

Water for outdoor kitchens
Outdoor kitchen construction project: Water for an outdoor kitchen is both a luxury and a necessity.

Green Landscaping

These articles highlight some interesting and new technologies that are helping to keep our planet green and eco-friendly.

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Porous asphalt driveway paving is
It used to be that asphalt on a driveway was one of the least green-friendly surfaces, but that is not the case anymore.

Home and Garden

Beautify your home and garden one blog at a time. Here we share interesting bits of information and gardening ideas for giving your home that extra touch. We hope you will find them useful.

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Container Gardening
No room to garden? Need to brighten up a deck, patio, or indoor living area? Then add container gardening to your bucket list. It's simple.

Install an outdoor kitchen and increase your living space
An outdoor kitchen and cooking area adds living space, function, style, and value to your home. It is like adding a whole new room to your home.

Seattle garden design with a fresh mint taste
Mint is easy to grow in a Seattle garden and delicious to use in the kitchen. How about a recipe for fresh Mint Pesto?

Planting vegetables? Try growing pumpkin
Growing pumpkin in the vegetable garden in the spring means a variety of creative uses in the fall.

Tech garden
Seattle is the perfect place for a tech garden. And with so many new advancements in gardening technology, the opportunities are almost endless.

King County property tax reduction
Here is something you may not know. Some homeowners can get a King County property tax reduction without much effort at all.

Flowers in the landscape

Stop and smell the roses! Here we discuss specific flowers and flowering plants used in the garden. We give advice about how and where to grow certain types of flowers or plants, and how to care for them.

Articles in this category

See them Sedums
Sedums are a succulent that grows well in many areas including the Pacific Northwest.

Draping plants and hanging baskets
Let's talk about plants that are good for draping over walls, rocks, fences, and from hanging baskets.

7 Steps to collecting and saving seeds
A fun family project is to collect seeds in the fall and save them for planting in the spring.

Planting daylilies
The daylily is hardy, beautiful, and rarely eaten by let's get planting!

Garden planting schedule
Fall is upon us and it’s time to get started with your garden planting schedule. Here are a few suggestions.

Perennial flowers -- fall bulbs
Planting and growing perennial flowers and fall bulbs for a colorful garden or to display in a vase instead of eaten by deer.

How to care for succulents in the Pacific Northwest
Keep your succulents growing and looking as healthy as when they came home from the nursery. Here's how to care for succulents in the Pacific Northwest.

Buttercup flowers
Friend or foe, the buttercup is growing in our garden.

Northwest Gardening

Oh the beautiful Northwest garden, with its many flowers and lush greenery, is in a category of its own. We hope you enjoy These articles which discuss topics specifically related to gardening in the Pacific Northwest.

Articles in this category

Edible gardens - Have your landscape and eat it too.
Enjoy your plants in the garden and on the table.

Northwest native plants used in landscaping
Choose native plants for your Washington garden and reap the benefits.

Growing and storing dahlias
Growing and storing dahlias is not that difficult when you know a few key secrets. Now, with the help of this blog, you can become a master dahlia gardener and enjoy the beautiful results.

Crocosmia Flowers and environmentally correct planting
Not to be confused with a crocus this beautiful plant is one to consider for your Pacific Northwest garden.

Lavender Gardens
Lavender a plant that looks and smells terrific in fields and in small town gardens is something you should look at as part of an edible garden. It is also good for the environment as it provides food for bees.

The green wall - a unique landscaping idea
For a touch of creativity, consider a green wall in your garden. Diverse greenery of the Pacific Northwest allows us to create living green walls that make gardens especially unique.

Pacific Northwest native plantings
Gardening in the Pacific Northwest is becoming greener; that is, we are starting to "plant green". We are planting more native plants and abstaining from invasive plants in an effort to create more eco-friendly gardens. Test your native planting I.Q. with a fun crossword puzzle about Pacific Northwest native plants.

Planting ornamental grasses in Seattle area
Landscaping with grass doesn't mean more mowing. Ornamental grasses offer an array of beautiful colors, texture, sizes and very little maintenance.

Celebrate Festival of Trees by making a nature tree for birds
Festival of Trees is a fun event for the whole family where you can collect some tree-decorating ideas and support the Children's Hospital at the same time. In this blog, we have a tree-decorating and holiday-giving idea of our own.

Prepare for the wind
Gardening in the Pacific Northwest, particularly in the Seattle area, means you need to prepare for the wind.

Planting crocus bulbs
You should be planting your crocus bulbs, even if it's a little late.

Weeds and Invasive plants in the Northwest
A glimpse into the world of weeds and invasive plants -- here's what NOT to plant if you live in the Pacific Northwest.

Moss out …or moss in [the lawn]
Instead of fighting the moss using chemicals, like Moss Out, some homeowners are growing a moss lawn.

Landscape Ecology

We want to protect the beauty of the area in which we live. These articles related to conservation, erosion control and sustainability are written with landscape ecology in mind.

Articles in this category

Rain gardens control runoff and protect lakes and streams
Installing a rain garden is an effective way to deal with water run-off and drainage issues while also protecting our environment.

Prepare the soil with organic fertilizer and reap the benefits.
Growing good food and healthy plants begins with the soil.

How to save water when gardening
You can save water and have a green garden too.

Making compost for the garden
Organic gardening begins with a quality fertilizer. Making garden compost saves money and provides the nutrients your garden is hungry for.

Kirkland Landscaper recommends French drains
What is a french drain? Do I need a french drain, because I don't like culverts? Drainage is the question we will answer in this blog. How to deal with Seattle rain and keep your landscape too.

Water runoff and permeabililty
Water runoff and what to do with our wet Pacific Northwest winter water.

Organic fertilizers for the garden
Popular organic garden fertilizers that are great for the garden.

Food security/sustainability
Environmental Construction has helped "The Garden Project" as it helps our community and the world in general.

Animals and Insects

The darting hummingbird or fluttering butterfly adds to the enjoyment of a peaceful garden. Attracting desired animals and controlling pests is the subject of the Articles in this Animals and Insects category

Articles in this category

Slug removal in Seattle
Sometimes maintaining healthy garden plants means controlling the slug population. Here is some helpful advice to removing slugs from your garden without harming children, animals, and other beneficial garden critters.

Landscaping for dogs
How to design a landscape when you have a pet (such as a dog) is the subject of this blog. Backyard landscaping should be done with an eye for all members of the family, including the family dog or cat.

Attract bees to the garden
Believe it or not, we are very dependent on bees. Bees are one of the best pollinators and without pollination fruits will not grow and develop. What would your pizza or spaghetti be like without tomatoes? Or shortcake without strawberries?

Creating a hummingbird sanctuary
Hummingbirds are something you can entertain (and feed) in your garden if you have the right flowers in your landscape.

Oh Deer...they ate the whole garden!
Keeping deer out of the garden is no easy task, but here are a few of the latest deer-proofing products and ideas for saving your plants.

Ideas for mosquito control
Nothing ruins the perfect outdoor experience more than the whining, biting mosquito. If there was a silver bullet, they would probably dodge it, but here are a few ideas for mosquito control that may help.

The Bees are coming back
There has been some good news recently. The bees we rely on for pollination may be coming back!

The tent caterpillar is here in Seattle
The tent caterpillars may not have been invited for dinner, but the fuzzy fellows are here in Seattle and they will soon be setting up their tents.

Plants that repel mosquitoes
Find out if plants repel mosquitoes and how to protect yourself before these insects catch you by swarm.

Green gardening – helping bugs and bees
How important is green gardening? To the bugs and bees, it may be a matter of life and death...and ultimately to us as well.

Tips for Planting

Here are some tips for planting and caring for flowers, bushes, trees, etc. If you need a tip for planting that is not answered in our blogs, send us a question or suggestion and we will try to write about it. If you have a gardening tip to share, we'd like to hear those too.

Articles in this category

Protecting plants in Seattle’s winter wonderland
What? Snow in Seattle? Yes. It happens ... and when it does, you need to think about your plants.

Transplanting roses for Mother’s Day
Give roses for Mother's Day. Learn some tips about transplanting roses to ensure your success.

How to grow rhododendron and azalea in NW Washington
Even though rhododendron is our state flower, they need some special care, especially when first planted. Here are a few hints to help you grow rhododendron and their close cousin, the azalea.

Companion Planting
Use companion planting to help thwart pests without using chemicals!

Planting tulip bulbs in a Pacific Northwest garden
It's almost Tulip-time! Tulips represent the beginning of Spring and are a wonderful addition to any Pacific Northwest garden. So let's talk about planting tulip bulbs.

Climate zones - USDA map vs Sunset map
Information about climate zones (USDA or Sunset mapping systems) is a helpful guide for growing plants here in Washington.

Compost soil vs woodchips
Do trees and other plants prefer compost soil or woodchips mulch? Science tells the "dirty truth".

Landscaping Ideas

Let your creative juices flow as you read through These articles offering ideas and resources that will help you create unique landscape design.

Articles in this category

Ideas for landscape design with re-used materials
This is a pack-rats dream – reusing instead of throwing away. Rev up your creative side to some new and really cool landscaping ideas.

Landscaping and gardening resources
Here we share our recommendations for excellent landscaping and gardening resources. Also, see which gardening book an Issaquah homeowner prefers.

Best garden tools for landscape maintenance
We have asked our clients what tools they like best for doing yard work. Here are some of their recommendations...

Goodbye daylight savings...Hello outdoor lighting
The return to "standard time" means it will be getting darker sooner. Are you ready for this?

Ground cover, hardscape, or clover -- anything but grass
If you love green grass but not the lawn, you might want to consider replacing with groundcover, rock, native plants, or all the above.

Front yard low maintenance landscaping ideas
If you want a nice-looking front yard, but low maintenance is important to you, then here are a few landscaping ideas.

Courtyard landscaping ideas
Here's an intro to courtyard landscaping and a few ideas to consider.

Stone in landscape design
Using one of the oldest materials (stone) in landscape design.

From a Landscape Contractor

As my wife and I take our daily walk, we notice interesting landscapes, think of gardening-related ideas, and experience the natural beauty of the Seattle area. Join us on our garden walk – there is so much to see and talk about.

Articles in this category

Spring flowers are blooming
Happy Spring! As we tip-toe through the tulips, on today's garden walk, we observe the blooming of the first spring flowers.

Creating a peaceful garden
Reducing noise pollution is also a part of being a good steward.

Landscape designer proud to be a part of APLDWA
The APLDWA organization (Assoc. of Professional Landscape Designers - Washington Chapter) creates an award-winning display for the 2015 Northwest Flower and Garden Show in Seattle.

Kirkland landscape company is now an employee owned business
Environmental Construction Inc. takes a giant step forward as this Kirkland landscape company becomes owned by its dedicated employees.

APLDWA Member of the Month
We have started tweeting because there is news to share! I am APLDWA Member of the Month and honored to be featured on their website.

Secret to a busy schedule
As a Seattle landscape designer for 30 years, this is how I effectively handle the busy Spring schedule.

Crossword Puzzles

Test your landscaping and gardening knowledge and maybe learn something new with these fun and challenging crossword puzzles.

Articles in this category

Pacific Northwest native plantings
Gardening in the Pacific Northwest is becoming greener; that is, we are starting to "plant green". We are planting more native plants and abstaining from invasive plants in an effort to create more eco-friendly gardens. Test your native planting I.Q. with a fun crossword puzzle about Pacific Northwest native plants.

Crossword puzzle -- landscaping with hardscapes
What is one landscaping project that's really hard, but a whole lot of fun? You're about to find out. Go ahead...take a peek.

Crossword puzzle -- garden design
Garden design can be tricky...even puzzling. It’s time to get a little dirt under your nails and try out a fun crossword about all sorts of garden designs.

Seattle Gardens

Seattle has so many beautiful gardens to share with us. As we visit gardens in the Seattle area, we will share our experience and give you a taste of what you can expect to find.

Articles in this category

Own a piece of Bellevue Botanical Garden
Walk through the Bellevue Botanical Garden, then let us create some of those same elements in your own yard.

Rhododendron garden near Seattle is worth seeing
The Rhododendron Species Botanical Garden, just south of Seattle, is a lush assortment of flowers and trees landscaped in such a way that everyone will enjoy it. Look at the unique treasures we found...

Botanical gardens and arboretums in the Seattle area
Here is a list of gardens in the Seattle area that are worth visiting this summer.


It’s exciting to watch a construction project take shape. From the first dig to the final polish, These articles will give you a sneak peek at what our work is really like.

Articles in this category

Outdoor Kitchen Construction in North Seattle

Follow along as an outdoor kitchen construction project unfolds for a family living in North Seattle.

Home addition to outdoor kitchen
Phase 2 of the Seattle outdoor kitchen installation. Time to pour the footings and walls. The home addition will support the floor of the outdoor kitchen.

Seattle outdoor kitchen needs a roof
Our outdoor kitchen project is taking shape as we begin installation of the roof.

Outdoor kitchen roof installation
What makes an outdoor kitchen so special? It's the roof. We are finishing this outdoor kitchen's roof installation with a unique design and special amenities.

Outdoor kitchen appliances and cabinets
This outdoor kitchen installation project is ready for the appliances and cabinets. It's going to be functional AND elegant.

Seattle outdoor kitchen finale
From glass gable roof to iron wood decking, a Seattle outdoor kitchen has come to life for one very lucky homeowner.

Environmental Construction, Inc.

It's not simply about designing and building beautiful garden spaces, it's about providing a landscape oasis where you can relax from the daily grind and recharge. Let us create an outdoor space that will enhance your home and quality of life.

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