Celebrate Festival of Trees by making a nature tree for birds

Festival of Trees is a fun event for the whole family where you can collect some tree-decorating ideas and support the Children's Hospital at the same time. In this blog, we have a tree-decorating and holiday-giving idea of our own.

The Tacoma Convention and Trade Center will host the Festival of Trees -- an array of uniquely decorated Christmas trees that will awe and inspire. What a great way to bring in the holiday season.

In the excitement of decorating for the holidays, we have an idea of our own: Decorate a tree for nature!

NOTE: This is only a good idea if you DO NOT live in an area where raccoon and bear tend to frequent.

Set up a Christmas tree outdoors or select a tree in your yard that has sturdy branches. Here are a few ideas for edible decorations to adorn your Nature Tree. Do you have any other ideas? Help us create a list of Nature Tree Decoration Ideas for our readers. Add your ideas to the comment area below.

Nature Tree Decorations:

  • Spread peanut butter and a layer of birdseed on a slice of heavy, dense bread (such as a bagel) or waffle. Wrap yarn around the bread, like a present. Then hang on the tree branch.
  • Boil equal parts water and sugar until it is at the hardball stage. Instead of making popcorn balls, make birdseed balls. Form them around a piece of yarn that has a large knot or popsicle stick tied to the bottom. Once the birdseed ball has cooled and hardened, hang it on your Nature Tree.
  • Tie yarn tightly around the center of a corncob and hang from a branch. You may even attract a squirrel or two with this decoration.
  • Remember when we used to string cranberries around our Christmas tree? Try this with other foods as well, such as raisins or dried apple.

Some birds eat seeds, some eat fruit, some eat bugs. Although I am not suggesting you create decorations with dead bugs, it is fun to create an assortment of decorations for your nature tree and see how many interesting birds you can attract.

The birds are going to be happy this winter.

Now it is your turn to participate. Any great ideas?

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