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Increase the usability of your outdoor spaces with a variety of landscape features from outdoor kitchen design to fencing and deck construction. These articles are related to building structures within the landscape.

Accessories for outdoor kitchens
Do you have an outdoor kitchen or are you planning to build one? Let's talk accessories.

Build an outdoor patio with kitchen design
An outdoor patio with kitchen and cooking area adds living space, function, and style. It is like adding a whole new room to your home.

Outdoor fireplaces by Seattle landscape designer
Seattle area homeowners love having an outdoor fireplace in their landscape or on their deck or patio.

Outdoor fireplace safety for Seattle area homeowners
An outdoor fireplace installed in the Seattle area can be wonderful addition to the home and garden, but pay attention to these safety tips.

Wood used in gardens and outdoor construction
Nanotech greatly reduces leaching in pressure-treated lumber. Gardeners with raised beds rejoice! Deck builders sigh with relief.

Deck design and construction in Seattle
In Seattle, we love our cedar decks. Deck construction is especially popular because the wood looks so beautiful next to all of our greenery. But maintaining a deck? Well…that’s not always so “beautiful”. In this blog we discuss cedar decks and composite decks, and a few things you might want to know about each.

Driveway Pavers
Why would anyone tear up an asphalt driveway and replace it with driveway pavers or other types of stone application? Here are a few reasons.

Water for outdoor kitchens
Outdoor kitchen construction project: Water for an outdoor kitchen is both a luxury and a necessity.

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