Water for outdoor kitchens

Outdoor kitchen construction project: Water for an outdoor kitchen is both a luxury and a necessity.

Many times outdoor kitchens are built without plumbing. To save money, some people are tempted to make do with a garden hose, but a sink and faucet with hot/cold running water has its benefits.

Benefits of water for an outdoor kitchen

Installing plumbing in an outdoor kitchen makes it much more usable. Cleaning the grill and other surfaces, re-filling water glasses, washing hands, cleaning vegetables from the garden, filling the pet's water bowl, the benefits of having running water for the outdoor kitchen are seemingly endless.

Water for outdoor kitchen appliances

If you are a seasoned outdoor chef, enjoy a frequent barbecue, or you just like to make the most of every good weather day by cooking and eating outdoors, then consider an outdoor dishwasher to complement the outdoor kitchen. Of course, that could mean you will be doing dishes outside, but wouldn’t you prefer to spend a few minutes extra in the sun or watching the moon while doing the dishes?

Water is also useful when used with a smoker. It is called "cold smoking". Here, water in the smoker moderates the temperature -- often used when smoking fish.

A hot-water faucet is not difficult to install and can be a handy feature.

It is a good idea to install the sink and water source closest to the house as you are likely to move back and forth from the sink and work area to the inside kitchen during meal preparation.

An outdoor kitchen can be built to have a more room than an indoor kitchen, so if you have the room then make the best use of it.

Using water to control a fire?

If there is a kitchen fire, DO NOT use water to douse it. Have a fire-extinguisher on hand. We do not recommend water for outdoor kitchens for controlling a fire. On the other hand, if you have a flaming hot grill and accidentally touch it, having a source of cold water close by is a good idea.

Things to think about...

  • Placement of the sink and water source
  • Lighting near work areas, such as the sink
  • Plumbing and freezing of pipes
  • Cabinetry supporting a sink
  • Mosquitos (always let the sink drain!)

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