Landscape Articles - Animals and Insects

The darting hummingbird or fluttering butterfly adds to the enjoyment of a peaceful garden. Attracting desired animals and controlling pests is the subject of the Articles in this Animals and Insects category.

Slug removal in Seattle
Sometimes maintaining healthy garden plants means controlling the slug population. Here is some helpful advice to removing slugs from your garden without harming children, animals, and other beneficial garden critters.

Landscaping for dogs
How to design a landscape when you have a pet (such as a dog) is the subject of this blog. Backyard landscaping should be done with an eye for all members of the family, including the family dog or cat.

Attract bees to the garden
Believe it or not, we are very dependent on bees. Bees are one of the best pollinators and without pollination fruits will not grow and develop. What would your pizza or spaghetti be like without tomatoes? Or shortcake without strawberries?

Creating a hummingbird sanctuary
Hummingbirds are something you can entertain (and feed) in your garden if you have the right flowers in your landscape.

Oh Deer...they ate the whole garden!
Keeping deer out of the garden is no easy task, but here are a few of the latest deer-proofing products and ideas for saving your plants.

Ideas for mosquito control
Nothing ruins the perfect outdoor experience more than the whining, biting mosquito. If there was a silver bullet, they would probably dodge it, but here are a few ideas for mosquito control that may help.

The Bees are coming back
There has been some good news recently. The bees we rely on for pollination may be coming back!

The tent caterpillar is here in Seattle
The tent caterpillars may not have been invited for dinner, but the fuzzy fellows are here in Seattle and they will soon be setting up their tents.

Plants that repel mosquitoes
Find out if plants repel mosquitoes and how to protect yourself before these insects catch you by swarm.

Green gardening – helping bugs and bees
How important is green gardening? To the bugs and bees, it may be a matter of life and death...and ultimately to us as well.

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