Driveway Pavers

Why would anyone tear up an asphalt driveway and replace it with driveway pavers or other types of stone application? Here are a few reasons.

There are several reasons to remove an asphalt or cement driveway and install driveway pavers instead...attractiveness is just one reason.

Driveway pavers are your canvas for creativity

A beautiful home is made even more appealing with the installation of driveway pavers. Constructing a driveway with pavers gives an opportunity to show your uniqueness. The pavers can be placed in creative formations or designs can be stamped into the pavers. They also come in so many styles and colors. Paver driveways are a canvas for creativity where a homeowner can create a work of art or interesting tile mosaics.


Another reason many people choose brick, cement pavers, or slate, granite or marble slabs for their driveway is that these products outlast concrete and asphalt by many years. When using a solid sheet of non-permeable material, the fluctuation between cold temperatures and warm eventually causes cracking. This rarely happens with small pavers or cut stone, and if it does they are easier to replace.

Water permeability

Yet another important reason to consider a new type of driveway is the benefit of water permeability. An eco-friendly driveway uses permeable pavers that let the rain sink in as opposed to running off into the road or causing erosion. The driveway still needs at least a gentle slope because in heavy rains there will be some water run-off, but most of the water will be absorbed into and between the pavers or stone.

Controlling water run-off is especially important in the Seattle area where our terrain is hilly and our water table is higher than most places. Installing driveway pavers is just a part of the solution, but it can have a sizeable impact.

At Environmental Construction, we are always thinking of ways to encourage outdoor enjoyment and eco-friendly landscaping. Whether your interest in driveway paver installation is sparked by their beauty, longevity, or benefits to the environment, we think this will be a positive step in landscape construction.

Installation of driveway pavers is a big project that needs professional help to make sure it is done correctly. From the thickness and material used in the paver bed to the degree of slope, proper installation is vital for this type of landscape construction. Please do not hesitate to contact us and request a consultation.

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