Accessories for outdoor kitchens

Do you have an outdoor kitchen or are you planning to build one? Let's talk accessories.

When we build outdoor kitchens we put a lot of thought into how they will be used. We communicate with our customers to find out how and when they plan to use their outdoor kitchen. The best part of the planning process is discussing accessories for an outdoor kitchen because they are so important. Ask any car enthusiast or person who likes fashion or home decorating about the value of accessories. Those little extras are key to enjoying the experience.

What accessories for outdoor kitchens are we talking about?

Let's start with the ones we build. How about a place for a fire-extinguisher? Heat in an outdoor kitchen can be higher than what you might find in an indoor kitchen where an oven temperature rarely exceeds 500 degrees. Charcoal burners often reach 900 degrees. This means you need to be prepared and a bit more cautious. That's why our first recommended accessary is an outdoor kitchen Accessories_for_outdoor_kitchens.phpfire extinguisher.

While we're on the subject, our next recommended accessory for outdoor kitchen is a Accessories_for_outdoor_kitchens.phpgrease bucket for your grill. A big reason for fires in outdoor kitchens is lack of cleanliness. Keep those grills clean, get rid of excess oil and grease. The container can be built-in. It will keep the grease away from flames, away from visiting raccoons, and easily moveable for disposal.

Another similar set of accessories for outdoor kitchens are specialized Accessories_for_outdoor_kitchens.phpgrill cleaning tools. You will want to keep them in close proximity to your grill so consider adding an outdoor grill Accessories_for_outdoor_kitchens.phptool storage area. This will keep the tools clean and dry.

What about lighting? You may have seen the magnetic lights that clamp on to the grill. These are often wobbly, battery powered units that rarely provide light to the right location. Ask us about installing Accessories_for_outdoor_kitchens.phpled lighting controlled by a switch.

In the Seattle area, we can use an outdoor kitchen all year, especially if we have a Accessories_for_outdoor_kitchens.phpdeck heater accessory.

Deck heaters and gas grills need ventilation so we consider air flow when we build an outdoor kitchen. Build a sturdy Accessories_for_outdoor_kitchens.phpwind block and ventilation to remove smoke away from your guests...and you.

With gas or charcoal grills, and smokers, you need to store the starter and fuel where they will be kept dry, pest-free, and easily accessible. This recommended accessory is outdoor kitchen Accessories_for_outdoor_kitchens.phpfuel storage that is large enough, convenient and easy to clean.

Every outdoor kitchen should have at least one area designed for food preparation or serving. A Accessories_for_outdoor_kitchens.phpheat-resistant surface on either side of a grill or stove-top made from material such as basalt or granite stone.

Let's think about clean-up. Next to the cooking station and counter tops, the most important accessory for an outdoor kitchen is the sink. Don't hesitate to include a Accessories_for_outdoor_kitchens.phpgarbage disposal unit capable of dealing with any type of bone or food scrap.

Rain might not be a welcome accessory, but additional umbrella storage is. Accessories_for_outdoor_kitchens.phpBench seating can be designed for waterproof storage of large items such as cushions, pillows, and umbrellas.

People like to gather in the kitchen, especially when something is cooking and it smells really good. You will probably find this to be true in your outdoor kitchen so make the area comfortable.

More accessories for outdoor kitchens include:

  • knife storage
  • cutting boards (make it big enough for the 15 pounds of smoked brisket)
  • powered bellows for charcoal grills
  • a tandoor oven
  • rotisserie units
  • electric oven (corn bread, or keeping things warm)
  • plate warmers (never serve hot food on cold plates)
  • blender station
  • intercom to the main kitchen
  • stone dining table (or wooden)
  • mood lighting (color changing?)
  • freezer and refrigerator
  • shade umbrellas (double as rain umbrellas)
  • fuse box access
  • built-in USB charger (enjoy the outdoors and your electronics)
  • in-rock/hidden speakers
  • fire sprinklers and fire retardation systems
  • dishwasher
  • storage for dishes, towels, and tableware

Accessories for outdoor kitchens, including fire protection, specially design cooking areas, creative storage, wind blocks, a warm and inviting atmosphere and seating that is comfortable, make outdoor living fun all year.

After you build your outdoor kitchen and add these accessories, you might just want to live outside and sleep-in.

Contact us at Environmental Construction for more accessory and outdoor kitchen ideas.

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