Rhododendron garden near Seattle is worth seeing

The Rhododendron Species Botanical Garden, just south of Seattle, is a lush assortment of flowers and trees landscaped in such a way that everyone will enjoy it. Look at the unique treasures we found...

April or May is a perfect time to visit the Rhododendron Garden in Federal Way, just south of Seattle. We visited a couple weeks ago as the blooms were just beginning to open and want to share with you how much we enjoyed the experience.

The 22-acre garden is owned by and located next to the Weyerhaeuser company. The path through the garden is nicely maintained and winds through an easy-to-navigate, thick grove of plants, trees, and ground-covers.

There are hidden treasures...

There is so much to see that will interest people of any age.

As we walked around a shallow pond, home to a unique fern, we saw frog eggs still in their translucent protective shield. Do you see them? This was a treasure definitely worth finding!

Did you know that rhododendron means "tree rose"?...and for good reason. The rhododendron bush grows much like a tree and there are so many variations of colors. Rhododendrons bloom from early spring to very late season, in colors from snowy white to brilliant red and purple, and plant sizes range from small to exceedingly large. Landscaping with rhododendrons can make gardens colorful and lush much of the year.

Most rhododendrons have very little fragrance, but you will probably find yourself and see other visitors to the garden unable to resist the temptation to lean forward and sniff at the pretty blooms.

Garden fun...

A slight detour from the garden path took us on an I-Spy adventure through an interesting and informative forest of ferns. Here you're given fun challenges to discover about how and where ferns grow. What a creative idea and an activity especially young children will enjoy.

The Rhododendron Garden also houses a large greenhouse for visitors to walk through or just relax and enjoy the cool mist and sounds of the waterfall. The landscape is accented with beautiful stone, a wooden bridge, and more plants of all varieties. A pillar of moss with plants embedded in it captivated my attention.

As you meander through the garden and see plants you would like to grow in your own garden, take pictures as we have done. Environmental Construction can locate the plants for you and advise you as to planting specifications. Contact us to request planting and maintenance service.

And there's more.

Just when you think you have seen it all...there is so much more!

Next to the Rhododendron Species Garden is a breath-taking bonsai tree display of at least 30 miniature trees. These works-of-art have been meticulously manicured for years. Through detailed grafting and pruning, bonsai artists have created these awe-inspiring living-tree sculptures and created mystical scenes and unbelievable formations.

We encourage everyone to celebrate spring with a visit to the Rhododendron Species Botanical Garden, especially if you've never been.

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