Crossword puzzle -- landscaping with hardscapes

What is one landscaping project that's really hard, but a whole lot of fun? You're about to find out. Go ahead...take a peek.

Here is a landscape design crossword puzzle that is really hard – about landscaping with hardscapes, that is. "Hardscape" is a word that landscape designers began using about 40 years ago to help define the landscape structures that are created using hard materials such as brick, stone, rock, and cement. Hardscape garden structures are beautiful additions to a landscape. They are both functional and provide an opportunity for creativity.

It may be hard, but this landscaping crossword puzzle is a lot of fun too. Each clue is also a links to a page within our website that will help you locate the answer and better explain the clue.

Stroll along a red brick walkway, rest on a natural stone bench, and enjoy the sound of water trickling from a rock fountain. Dream about landscaping with hardscapes and this crossword puzzle will be a walk-in-the-park.

If you wish to design a landscape that will include hardscapes, call us for a consultation. Environmental Construction will take care of every detail. We leave no stone unturned.

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