Spring cleanup checklist

Here’s the best garden tool of all for spring cleanup: A Spring Cleanup Checklist!

Spring cleanup checklistIt’s almost spring, and with the season comes plenty of clean up. There is so much that needs to get done right away that it is easy to forget a few details here and there. That is why a checklist is so useful.

Now the indoor projects are pushed aside as the crisp spring air, chirping of the birds, longer days...and yes, a very messy yard, pull me outdoors once again. It's always a welcomed change. With my spring cleanup checklist in one hand and my rake in the other, I am ready to create another beautiful garden work of art.

Feel free to use this spring cleanup checklist and add or delete items according to your needs.

Patio and walkway checklist

  • Sweep or blow leaves from patio
  • Pull large weeds from between pavers
  • Lightly power wash to kill moss and algae (or spray with vinegar)
  • Sweep sand over stone walkway to refill low areas

Plants spring maintenance checklist

  • Roses - remove leaves and black stems, cut just above an outward-facing leaf (use bypass pruner)
  • Cut summer-blooming bushes low to the ground
  • Remove dead stems and leaves from bulbs
  • Clean out debris from under plants
  • Add organic pelletized fertilizer to plants

NOTE: Contact Environmental Construction Inc. for help with proper pruning, or any other task on your spring cleanup checklist.

Pond maintenance checklist

  • Clean out leaves and skim with pool net
  • Remove large rock, spray with vinegar to remove algae, let dry, rinse with hose
  • Fountain (clean or repair?)

Wooden structures

  • Blow off deck - remove debris from between planks with putty knife
  • Clean deck with wood cleaner
  • Clean and repair fencing

General garden checklist

  • Inspect rain garden or rock drainage area to ensure it can handle the spring rain
  • Clean and spray paint pots for flowers
  • Remove dead branches from trees
  • Spread mulch or top-dressing for garden beds

Lawn checklist

  • Survey yard for moles or pests
  • Remove sticks and lightly rake debris with large leaf rake
  • Dethatch with strong metal fan-rake
  • Spread lime
  • Spot-spray large weeds (dandelions) with vinegar
  • Test lawn Ph for areas needing fertilizer
  • Repair lawn with grass seed and organic fertilizer mixture
  • Check lawn mower (clean or repair?)

Outdoor home checklist

  • Clean and inspect outdoor kitchen equipment
  • Clean out gutters and repair leaks with gutter sealant
  • Wash windows

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