Home addition to outdoor kitchen

Phase 2 of the Seattle outdoor kitchen installation. Time to pour the footings and walls. The home addition will support the floor of the outdoor kitchen.

As a child, did you have fun playing in the dirt or a sandbox? I remember when we used to dig in the dirt with our toy dump trucks and bulldozers? We used to make forms out of sticks and mix "concrete" out of mud and water. At Environmental Construction we get to play in the dirt every day, but on a much grander scale.

In this blog, you'll see the completion of the work shop footings and walls, and the beginning of a new outdoor kitchen for a family living in North Seattle.

Bring in the big trucks!

On this day of the outdoor kitchen project, we bring in the heavy trucks of supplies, and cement mixer to help us lay the footings, and pour the shop floor and walls.

Building a home addition and outdoor kitchen isn't child's-play. We are fortunate to have a team of skilled workers...but we still like making the sound effects.

To minimize over-excavation, we designed the footings to be laid under the new concrete shop floor.

New concrete shop walls were poured by Seth Church who owns Seattle based "All Phase Concrete Construction" - including one that had to be poured under an existing short spread footing from a previous home remodel where the benefit of a full depth basement wall was not available.

This is a unique outdoor kitchen design in that the wood shop, being built at the lower level of the home, will support the fully-loaded outdoor kitchen designed to be installed above. The walls included custom steel brackets to support steel roof posts.

Once the walls were poured and concrete was set, it was time to install the floor for the outdoor kitchen.

Pony walls were built atop the concrete shop walls that included custom heavy gauge steel posts set inside the wooden pony walls that supported the 23' glue laminated beam and purlins used to support the two (2) flat roofs. Pony walls were framed with the waterproof shop roof.

The outdoor kitchen installation has begun...

Next you will see the outdoor kitchen project really begin to take shape.

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