Creating a peaceful garden

Reducing noise pollution is also a part of being a good steward.

One of the more enjoyable elements of my career is having the opportunity to work with a group of young men and women who care deeply about our role as garden and planet stewards. It is refreshing for me to know that integrated pest management and organic practices are now key elements of advanced Horticultural education.

Managing our client expectations (especially those who demand the bright green lawns and weed-free beds that fertilizers, excessive watering, commercial insecticides and herbicides provide -- along with limited use of back pack power blowing) and helping them create quiet, enjoyable spaces where they can relax is the direction my industry is trying to go. All this while balancing the additional costs associated with exceptional organic care.

The challenge we face is when our clients see a truck full of "gardeners" that jump out to spend 30 minutes on a site while power weed eating, power mowing, broadcast spreading of commercial fertilizers and herbicides (to make their jobs require less man hours next time) while power shearing shrubs into little balls (not best practices for the shrubs - but that can be another conversation) and then power blowing at a "very reasonable" rate - vs - a garden care company that brings highly educated Horticulturists to a garden that use hand methods of care at a higher cost. It can be a tough sell and this is where the battle lines are being drawn. Most folks (but not all) see the bottom line as the most important line.

While the importance of controlling non-source point pollution like fertilizers, insecticides, and herbicides is coming much more sharply into focus, your concept of noise pollution rarely reaches the surface of the planetary challenges that are discussed. we should include all forms of pollution in the conversation of how we can protect our earth.

Some noise is good -- like flowing water, the sound of a breeze, or birds chirping. But engine noises are not so pleasant and they are making this an ever noisier planet. We want to do our part to create peaceful gardens. The peace and quite a good "sit in the garden" brings is becoming more and more valuable.

Cheers! and may you have a peaceful garden this fall.

Tom Barrett

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