How to save water when gardening

You can save water and have a green garden too.

I suspect there are a lot of people who, after spending a winter and spring in the Seattle area, would say there is no shortage of water here. They would probably say that saving water is not a priority for Seattle residents because of all our rain. But that is not true. The increased building of residential homes causes a strain on water supply. Those of us who are concerned about the environment are always looking for ways to save, recycle, or re-use. Water is no exception.

Since most of us use an excess of 30 gallons of water a day for bathing, washing dishes, and washing clothes, why not re-use it in our gardens? This is called “grey water” and it can be filtered and re-used for our gardens. Saving water is a small inconvenience and can have a large impact on the environment.

I wanted to blog about saving water while gardening because as we experience the heat of the summer months, those of you who are interested in eco-friendly gardening will want to know that you can easily save water and still grow a green garden.

After reading this blog, visit our webpage that discusses rain garden installation and water conservation which is an important part of our focus on green construction.

An interesting approach to grey-water recycling for gardening is the use a Flotender™ water filtration system. This device is used for rain water harvesting and grey water recycling.

This is how the grey water filtration system works:

  • Rainwater run-off from the roof is collected into a special rain barrel which interconnects with the Flotender™ Greywater Filter.
  • Sinks and washing machines are connected to the Flotender™ Greywater Filter.
  • The Flotender™ Greywater Filter is positioned in the ground outdoors and effectively filters out all debris from the grey water then immediately pumps it out to irrigate the landscape.
  • Lawn and plant irrigation systems are directly connected to the filtration device. A built-in high-pressure pump disburses the grey water to irrigate the garden.

Those who are serious about being eco-friendly and environment responsible, use no phosphate soap and biodegradable soap.

So there you have it. Rainwater harvesting and grey water systems are a sensible way to save water and save money! …while growing a beautifully green Seattle garden.

Contact us at Environmental Construction, Inc. for installation of an effective rainwater harvesting and/or grey water filtration device. (Some of the information for this blog was obtained from

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