King County property tax reduction

Here is something you may not know. Some homeowners can get a King County property tax reduction without much effort at all.

Did you know, King County property tax could be reduced for some homeowners without much effort? You probably never expected a landscape company to offer tax information, but we have heard about a nifty opportunity to save on your property tax through King County’s Rural Services. We thought, what better way to get the word out than share it with all our friends and homeowners who follow this blog.

These tax incentives have been around for quite a while, but not too many people know about them, so we are told. There are four resource protection programs offering a King County property tax reduction and each one has its own set of criteria. The purpose of each, however, is to protect the environment around King County. We want to share one of them with you: The Public Benefit Rating System. If your property meets the required criteria, you may qualify for a tax reduction of 50%-90% of the assessed value of the land enrolled in this program.

Before I go any further, these programs are for those who own at least 5 acres of property. Although this may not apply to many of our readers, there are still a lot of homeowners in King County who do live on a large lot or acreage. This information is for those individuals. Read on and we will tell you what we know.

The Public Benefit Rating System

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This program allows an owner the opportunity to commit to preserving a portion of their land as “open space.” In other words, the land will remain in its original state and free of permanent structures or any man-made “improvements.” Claiming an area as open space means it is taxed at a different rate than it would have otherwise. If you think you may qualify, you will need to complete an application and pay a fee. The property tax savings will likely compensate for the effort and cost involved.

Here is a link to more information about this program: King County Property Tax Incentives

King County Forestry Program

For those in King County who own forested land that is not being used, this program may be of interest to you. To qualify, there will need to be 5 acres of forest land within Open Space property and it must meet special zoning requirements.

This additional program is optional, but if you participate in the Forestry Program it requires a 6-week course (usually one evening a week) where participants learn about how to effectively maintain their forest and its eco-system. This course about forestry protection is offered by Washington State University Extension. During these classes, each homeowner develops their own plan for how they will maintain their forest area over the years ahead.

Maintaining a forest may require removing invasive plants such as blackberry or ivy, planting new trees, or transplanting seedlings from other areas of the property. This may feel like an overwhelming task for some, but we understand that homeowners are allowed a reasonable amount of time to accomplish their maintenance goals. We at Environmental Construction Inc. are also here to help. We want you to think of us as your partner in maintaining the land around your home and any of the tasks listed in your forest maintenance plan. Read about our Full Service Garden Stewardship program, which is second to none.

The forestry program is an additional commitment that goes beyond leaving the land as “open space” and untouched. Participating in this effort also increases the amount of King County property tax reduction.

And remember, sometimes getting a tax reduction is not what’s most important. Our land and forests are precious and fragile. If you do not qualify for these King County property tax incentives, it is still worthwhile to care for the environment around you. Contact Us at Environmental Construction Inc. and let us help you care for the well-being of your outdoor space.

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