Landscaping with re-used materials

Re-using landscape materials, such as wood from an old barn, creates a unique and treasured landscape design.

A landscape design is a reflection of who you are. And, since you are unique, your landscape should be also. Creating unique and inspired landscape designs means finding new ways to create individual spaces that reflect the homeowner’s style.

I think most people suffer from the rubber stamped, mass produced, and planned obsolescence that comes with the typical shopping experience. I realize this is brought on by the move toward a global economy. It might be easier to picture a landscape that looks like your neighbor, using materials you can purchase from a local home improvement store. But there is so much satisfaction from re-using materials in a landscape design and the creative possibilities are endless.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I feel a building frustration with the new materials that are available out there. Everything is now processed to minimum standards that result in planned obsolescence. Deck lumber is a perfect example. As we harvest younger trees, there are more knots, and the wood is all thinner than you might think.

Perhaps using reclaimed wood or other materials is worth a second look.

We are always rewarded when a homeowner chooses to re-use materials instead of throwing them out.

Re-used (not mass produced) materials are becoming quite popular - from reclaimed and very imperfect lumber that may have had a first life as a floor joist in an old grain terminal or barn can make beautiful deck or garden structure. Consider using stone planks from ancient Chinese roads that can be integrated into an outdoor fireplace mantel. Red brick from an old building makes for a interesting and rustic walkway or patio.

You can help save the ever more precious land by not sending yester-years treasure to become landfill.

We like to install custom one-of-a-kind materials … and they do not have to be expensive. But they are sure to make for interesting conversations as you show off your new garden elements to friends and neighbors. Creating a unique landscape design with re-used materials is like a custom work of art that attracts the attention of all who see it just because of its uniqueness, where it came from, and the story behind it.

So make sure that you talk to us about the potential to allow re-used and re-purposed materials in your garden development.

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