Tech garden

Seattle is the perfect place for a tech garden. And with so many new advancements in gardening technology, the opportunities are almost endless.

I remember when I was in grade school, we would try to predict what life would look like in the year 2000. We concocted images of monorails, robots, and flying cars. Funny thing, we weren’t too far off…just need some flying cars. Now I find I am doing the same thing as we turn the calendar to each new year. What new inventions will we see in 2019? Specifically, what new gardening technologies will we discover, and what new innovations are already available today?

We are always looking for new ways to solve old problems. Here are some interesting ideas for your tech garden:

Fool-proof watering

self-watering plants

There are several interesting gadgets which offer help with watering plants. In most plant containers that are at least 18 inches tall, you can place a Southern Patios self-watering reservoir that sits at the bottom of the pot. It has a tube that reaches from the container, through the soil, to the top of the pot. When you pour water through the tube, a float shows when the water level is adequate and a rope at the base wicks the water from the reservoir into the soil. The system effectively controls over-watering.

We can now purchase self-watering containers too. Who knew? These decorative flower planters allow a reservoir (placed inside, at the bottom) to traps any extra water. The roots of the plant can then reach through the soil and into the water for nourishment. Ingenious! Now if we forget to water each week, or don't have time, well…all is forgiven.

An interesting read: Technology and Innovation in the Next Generation of Gardening

The smart tech garden

Have you noticed how as we get older, the objects around us are all getting smarter. Smart this and smart that – it’s enough to make a baby boomer feel a bit intimidated.

It seems we can now use our phone and chosen app to do just about anything these days. Pair your phone with an Edyn Garden sensor or Parrot’s Flower Power sensor and your phone suddenly becomes your own personal horticulturalists. These apps, paired with the sensor, can check on your plants to make sure the soil has the right amount of moisture and fertilizer, or if there is enough light for optimal growth. Plant sensors also save water and money by using online weather reports to set the outdoor watering schedule.

We know that watering our potted plants too much is one of the easiest ways to kill them. Thanks to these gardening technologies, I am thinking a few more plants will live to see another new year. And that makes me very happy.

The growing world of gardening technologies

There are so many more new ideas and devices available now to help with gardening. For our customers who struggle with garden invaders such as deer and raccoon, the ScareCrow motion-activated sprinkler used to deter these visitors is an interesting invention worth trying. The wireless deer fence is another intriguing invention worth reading about.

New options in LED lighting are increasing quickly and are now available in a variety of wavelengths (colors.) These lights are providing higher power in recent years. Grow lights used in greenhouses are also more readily available. Imagine a future when our tech gardens use grow lights to assist even our outdoor plants.

Robotic Lawn Mower

I don’t often see robotic lawnmowers (nor have I been run over by one…thankfully!), but I expect they will be a readily available and common addition to our homes before too long. These Roomba-like robots can map out your yard and make sure every inch is cut.

Environmental Construction Inc. continually integrates new technologies into our business. Our office has updated the software it uses, and our field equipment is of high quality as well. We try to stay abreast of new technologies used in landscaping, especially those which allow us to be more eco-friendly. We realize the world of gardening is changing rapidly, and as new products immerge, our customers need to know their options.

If you have a gardening issue that needs solving or are interested in creating a tech-savvy landscape this Spring, contact us at Environmental Construction Inc. We look forward to helping you design, improve, and maintain your outdoor space.

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