Prepare the soil with organic fertilizer and reap the benefits.

Growing good food and healthy plants begins with the soil.

I would like to spend some time talking about the soil food web and the absolutely important role living soil plays in plant health. Within the soil food web, many different microorganisms work together and play a vital role in keeping the soil healthy and alive. Preparing the soil with a good organic fertilizer creates a safer landscape for people and animals by using organic fertilizer instead of chemical pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers.

Nutrient absorption is dependent on the microorganisms that make up the soil food web. The microorganisms that thrive in healthy soil are what keep our landscapes and garden plants growing. For that reason many good gardeners consider regularly inoculating their gardens with a good compost tea. By supplementing your existing soil food web through regular compost tea inoculations, we believe that the overall health of your garden can be greatly improved.

Compost tea is an aerated solution that can be sprayed on plants or applied to the roots of plants. Compost teas inoculate our soil with living organisms. The organic solution has billions of beneficial microorganisms that enhance the soil as one living organism becomes food for the next in an intricate food chain. Compost tea is an organic fertilizer used to restore beneficial bacteria, fungi, and protozoa back into the soil. It is extracted from compost and has the same beneficial biology and diversity found in compost but has been developed into a liquid form.

Some people use compost tea as a foliar spray to reduce plant disease.

Although we highly recommend the use of compost tea, it is important that you use the right mix of organic compound and that it is applied correctly. A compost tea that is unbalanced can have an adverse affect on your garden.

The use of organic fertilizer is an important part of sustainable gardening. We do not need to depend on chemicals. That is, a garden has the ability to sustain itself through the use of organic fertilizer. If we feed our plants using methods that are environmentally healthy, we will reap the benefits in the quality of our food and the longevity of our resources. And you may be interested know, there is often an overall cost savings from using organic fertilizer.

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