Hiring a Landscape Architect vs. Landscape Design Build firm

Here we answer the question as to whether you need a Landscape Architect or Landscape Design/Build company for your home landscaping project.

Clients often want to know if Environmental Construction, Inc. is a Landscape Architectural firm. The answer is no, we are a design/build firm.

Landscape Architecture is regulated by each state government. To be a certified Landscape Architect in Washington, an individual must be licensed, which requires a minimum of 4 years of college and at least 2 years of work as an apprentice under a Certified landscape Architect, and then they must pass the Landscape Architect Registration Examination. A certification does not guarantee creativity, quality of workmanship, or excellent service.

Landscape Architects specialize in drawing up landscape designs or master plans and then typically manage the contractors to implement the work, for a percentage of the overall job cost. If you need a lot of detail in your design work in order to submit for building permits or to obtain competitive bids from several contractors, then hiring a Landscape Architect may suite your needs.

My advice: Find out if the company you are considering has years of experience performing the kind of landscaping or construction that you need. Then ask for referrals.

Quality Landscape Design and Build is a sensible alternative?

You're probably asking yourself if all the training and licensing of a Landscape Architect is necessary just to design a new patio and water feature in your backyard or fence and pergola in your flower garden. The answer is no.

A Landscape Design/Build firm, such as Environmental Construction, Inc. is experienced in quality landscape design and landscaping. We can create the plans needed for building custom decks and patios, or developing the garden features you desire, and then we can install the job on your behalf. We are well educated and experienced in habitat restoration and drainage control measures. The difference is usually in the price.

Only a few Landscape Architects are exclusively devoted to individual residential design because the income is too small compared to the earnings from larger, commercial projects. Most of the Landscape Architecture profession is centered in urban or suburban areas and the cost is typically much higher than a Landscape Design/Build company.

If you are looking for a turnkey approach to designing and then building your garden dream, you should visit our web site www.envconst.com/Landscaper-Seattle or consider calling Environmental Construction, Inc.at 425-803-9881 to hear more about what we can do for you.

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