Add an herb garden wall to your outdoor kitchen

Garden walls, especially for growing herbs, are the new trend in outdoor kitchen construction.

"Why didn't we think of this earlier?" That's what you might say after you add an herb garden wall to your outdoor kitchen or patio area. It makes perfect sense to grow your own herbs in (or near) the kitchen -- right where you need them and no further than a few steps away. Garden walls can be used to grow all sorts of plants, but in this blog we want to focus on growing herbs...particularly in an outdoor kitchen.

We love our herbs!

Maybe it's the new advent of hydroponic equipment that has brought herb growing to the forefront. Or maybe it's all the food shows on television or the surge in organic produce that have given spark to using more fresh herbs in our cooking. Whatever the reason, it seems like more and more of us "city-dwellers" are experiencing the delight of having fresh herbs at our fingertips, and our taste buds are all the happier for it.

Growing herbs in garden walls

Herbs are the perfect plant to grow in a garden wall. Garden walls are vertical structures that are covered with some type of landscape cloth and include pockets for dirt and plants. They may have a sprinkler system attached, but can also be watered manually. Garden walls are best suited for plants that have a shallow root system and spread a limited amount. Herbs such as basil, cilantro, chives, thyme, and sage, are all good selections for an herb garden wall. Rosemary and other woody herbs are probably best grown in the ground or a pot at the bottom of the garden wall.

Although an herb garden wall might work just fine in an indoor kitchen, we think it is especially ideal and attractive when added to an outdoor kitchen. Outdoors, there is no need to worry about a potential mess from dirt or bugs. And here you can spray with a garden hose or sprinkler system without worry of damage caused by water.

Herb garden walls have benefits

An herb garden wall is practical in more ways than one. Sure it's a convenient garden for the next gourmet meal, but think of the other benefits: The fresh smell of basil or mint...the artistic beauty of several different plants on a single pallet...a natural privacy screen, built to fit any desired space.

There is no need to rush out to the grocery store the next time you need to add a garnish or that extra touch of flavor. When creative meets practical...that's genius!

Now that we have sparked your interest, give us a call at Environmental Construction Inc. There is a reason why garden walls are getting so popular, and we can build one for you. Let's start planning an herb garden wall installation for your outdoor kitchen or garden patio. Spring planting will be here before you know it.

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