See them Sedums

Sedums are a succulent that grows well in many areas including the Pacific Northwest.

Pretty pastels...adorably cute...uniquely versatile -- that's what you'll see after planting sedums.

This is a type of succulent, sometimes referred to as "stonecrop". They love craggy, rocky places where other plants wouldn't even consider. They grow well in drier conditions too, which is why they are often used on green roofs. If you struggle with remembering to water your plants each week, consider planting sedums.

Most varieties need very little dirt, if any, and thrive on vertical walls. Because of the many different textures available, you can create some extremely artistic looking walls using sedums plants.

sedum autumn joy showing bright pink flowersSedums vary in size from near pin-points of color to the wide swaths of color that you get from Sedum Autumn Joy (a flower that makes me think of pink broccoli.)

While sedums are nearly a grow-and-forget type of plant, they do require some water, lots of light (less shade), and adequate drainage. Check that the species you are planting can tolerate the heat, or if you live in the hills...then frost.

Did you know that sedums are also edible?...which is why you might want to give some thought to protecting them from deer until your adorable baby sedums have established themselves. Most sedums are delicious and can be put into salads; they provide a slightly sour taste. (Beware that one type of sedum is mildly toxic. It has piperidine alkaloids and is called "Sedum Acre" or "Biting Stone Crop". Avoid eating this one!)

Disclaimer: We recommend that homeowners should always do their own independent research before eating unorthodox garden plants.

Sedum flower One of my favorite sedums is "hens and chicks". This plant (pictured left) spreads in wide, shallow-rooted mats of green and will cover an area nicely. It is not invasive so it makes an excellent plant to put in open garden beds. The flowers are spectacular and often vividly colored.

Sedums are so fun to grow. Whether outside or inside, in containers, nestled into a rock wall or on a rocky patch of ground, you will love to see them sedums.

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