Outdoor storage - accessories for the garden

Is building a large storage unit on your To-Do List for this summer? Then hold on!...Here are some ideas for outdoor storage.

When you read the title “outdoor storage accessories for the garden” what was the first thing that came to mind? Large outdoor storage boxes? An outdoor storage shed? That is what most of us think of, but let's get creative for a moment and dream of some new ideas for outdoor storage -- accessories for the garden that may just add a little interest and uniqueness, while providing some extra storage space as well.

Outdoor storage

When I think of what needs to be stored outdoors for easy access, I think of hoses, lawn furniture, firewood, gardening supplies and tools. These items are small enough to fit in a storage container that is smaller than a shed. If you don't have the space, or the desire to invest in a large shed, then consider building a smaller, multi-purpose object for the garden that can also duo as a storage container.

Building or re-purposing accessories for the garden

What does an outdoor storage for garden accessories require? As you begin thinking of creative ways to store items throughout your landscape, keep in mind these 5 important elements:

  1. What will be stored in the container? Most outdoor storage containers in our area need to be water tight.
  2. Critters like mice and raccoon might also like to use your new storage area as a shelter so make sure it is secure and free of small holes.
  3. Create storage vessels that blend with the landscape. Outdoor storage should enhance, not detract, from the beauty of the garden.
  4. Quality construction trumps cheap and inferior. Use high-quality wood, stone, concrete, etc.
  5. The unit should be positioned for convenience. For example, hoses should be stored close to where they will be used, wood near the fire pit, and cushions near the outdoor furniture.
Now let's brainstorm....
  • I've seen large man-made objects that look like boulders used to hide outdoor speakers. What other objects could serve the same purpose?
  • What household items or old garden supplies, such a large pots, could be re-purposed and used to store items outdoors?
  • Look for unused space, such as under a deck. Here a “trap door” from above would let you move a large chaise lounge on rollers into a storage area below.
  • Adding built-in deck seating is an excellent idea for multi-purpose storage. This could be the perfect place to store many different items.
  • What about a fire pot that is elevated and supported by a brick or stone base with a door on the side that opens to a wood storage area?
  • Garden benches that double as storage. Benches can be placed in a variety places -- attached to an arbor, as part of a wall, around a fountain, built into an outdoor fireplace...
  • Build a storage units that stands as a focal point in the middle of a patio or open space and have the appearance of a sculpture. Very cool!

If your landscape is in need of a re-design or outdoor storage ideas, Contact Us by phone or Request a Consultation through our website. Environmental Construction Inc. is here to create an outdoor living area that you will enjoy for years.

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