Commercial landscape equipment used by our company

Quality landscaping requires more than shovels and rakes. Take a peek at the monster machines and high-tech tools we use at Environmental Construction Inc.

For a landscape company, their toolbox of landscape equipment makes all the difference when it comes to efficiency and quality results. It's time to give you a glimpse into some of our favorite and most handy landscaping tools and toys. In this blog, you will see some of the commercial landscape equipment used by Environmental Construction Inc. to achieve the beautiful results you've come to expect from our company.

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Next to each photo is the name of the equipment and a description of how it is used by our landscape company.

Trackhoe used by Environmental Construction landscape companyThis no-nonsense piece of landscape equipment is called a Trackhoe. It is used for moving and displacing large amounts of earth, rock, and debris. We also use it for digging drainage ditches or large holes for planting trees, bushes, etc.

The tracks can cause damage to grassy areas so we always let our clients know if the trackhoe is to be used.

Dingo - landscape equipment used by Environmental ConstructionThis handy piece of machinery is called a Dingo. We use it to maneuver into hard-to-reach locations where excavation, grading, and installation of heavy rock or landscape features is needed.

This is such a versatile piece of equipment, you may see someone from our landscape company riding it to the grocery store. (Just kidding!)

Seattle Landscaping Company VehicleTough, rugged, and dependable is what we require of our trucks and all our landscape company vehicles. If you need delivery of bark, stone, large plantings, or any landscaping product, our trucks can reach you at most any location.

If you have a steep driveway or limited access, please let us know.

Sculpture installation by Environmental ConstructionThis job required a tool that could lift and place a heavy object with precision and accuracy. This is called an engine hoist or hydraulic lift. In this photo, it was being used to install a sculpture for a homeowner in Medina, east of Seattle.

This landscape equipment is also useful for placing large rock and water features.

Landscape Masterplan by Environmental Construction, Kirkland WAAlthough not considered heavy landscape equipment, we rely heavily on a high-tech piece of computer software to bring life to your dreams. Our company uses Vectorworks and Dynascape™ landscape design software from Garden Graphics, Inc. This software allows us to deliver easily understandable designs that can be quickly modified.

Using computer aided design software allows us to provide you with a fairly accurate image of what your landscape project will look like when it's finished. This is especially important for landscapes, deck construction, and projects that require a lot of detail.

Read more about our Landscape Design process.

Having years of experience and a team with so much landscaping knowledge is only part of what we need to create our "works of art". Without such quality landscaping tools and machinery, our landscape company could do little more than dream.

These are only a selection of the landscaping tools and machinery we regularly use. This is by no means the extent of our landscape equipment. If there is a tool we need in order to do a job right...we will find a way to get it!

Contact Us for excavation, rock placement, pruning, or landscape design and let us put our landscaping equipment to good use for you.

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