How do we guarantee plant growth?

In case you are wondering how Environmental Construction can possibly guarantee plantings with all the variables that need to be considered...then please let us explain.

Plants are like children in that they need exceptional care, along with regular food and water, in order to survive. Just as with small children, new plantings are fragile. They need the right amount of sunshine, optimal temperature, protection from predators, and someone to sing them to sleep at night (...please do not take me seriously about that last one. I would hate for you to wake your neighbors.) When plants are moved from one place to another, they experience the same sort of trauma as a child being moved to a new home.

What our plant guarantee means for you

We want each new plant to survive the occasional shock that comes with transplanting. For this reason, we guarantee that all of the plants we deliver to your home are healthy when we plant them and we will guarantee all of our new plantings for the transition period between when we deliver them and when they start to take root (a period of about three months) only on condition that they are covered with an automatic irrigation system. If plants are not watered regularly, they will quickly decline and potentially die.

Assuring that your new plantings remain healthy and vibrant requires a joint home owner and landscape contractor effort so... water and care for each plant as if it were your own child and we will guarantee plant growth.

With all the necessary conditions that need to be met, it is a wonder how we manage to grow plants at all, let alone guarantee plant growth. Truth is, many of the plants we select for our clients' gardens are quite hardy, our Seattle climate and constant light rain make it easier to grow plants, and we educate our clients as to proper plant care so most plantings grow into happy, healthy adults.

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