A moonlight garden...the new romantic get-away

Is there anything more romantic than a garden walk in the moonlight?

Moonlight gardens are not just for Halloween anymore. We think gardens should be enjoyed during the day and at night, all year...even in the winter.

A garden can be designed to include certain plants and landscape features that reflect the light and have maximum visual impact when the night is clear and there is a bright moon. In the Pacific Northwest, if we have a clear night when the moon is bright, we want to go out and enjoy it. What better place than your own garden?

Moonlight gardens may include foliage with silver-colored leaves or water features that sparkle in the moon. There are other plants you can grow and shape in such a way that the moonlight reflects off the green of the leaves. Holly is one such plant. It will keep its leaves year-round, and in full moonlight you may even be able to see the berries' red color.

Contact Us for more suggestions of plants that grow well at various times of the year and may be suitable for your garden design.

I think a moonlight garden is best when designed for romantic walks and nighttime entertaining. This means it should have smooth walkways that are lit with just enough light so you can see the path. There should be benches and places to stop and rest, visit, and enjoy the patterns of light and shadow. Be sure to include a water feature or two as they are probably the most ideal for reflecting light in a moonlight garden.

Along with the pleasant sound of trickling water from a nearby fountain, moonlight gardens may also be equipped with outdoor music to enhance the ambience. Have you ever seen artificial rocks or sculptures that are actually speakers? These make for a lovely moonlight garden experience.

I would like to see more people designing moonlight gardens. Even during the winter, it's fun to bundle up and go for a quick walk with a friend -- clear night or cloudy.

Check the moon rise/set schedule for the Puget Sound. It will also tell you when to expect the next full moon.

As you begin to design or re-design your garden, think about how it will look in both daylight and moonlight. Environmental Construction is here to help with your design. You can reach us by phone, email (info@envconst.com) or request a consultation through our website.

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