Kirkland landscape company is now an employee owned business

Environmental Construction Inc. takes a giant step forward as this Kirkland landscape company becomes owned by its dedicated employees.

As a landscape contractor and business owner, based in Kirkland, Washington, and serving the entire Seattle area for many years, I am pleased to inform you...

Kirkland landscape company, Environmental Construction, Inc. is now an Employee Owned Business

Environmental Construction Inc. has been owned and operated solely by Tom Barrett since 1990. He has built a successful business which has stood the test of time through many ups and downs. During the length of his career, he has enjoyed working with a diverse and dedicated family of employees who all work hard while maintaining the highest industry standards. As Tom now looks toward slowly winding down his career (37 years as of this writing) he has successfully fulfilled one of his lifelong dreams by having now transformed Environmental Construction, Inc. into a legitimate employee owned business.

New corporate stockholders now include Lori Beehner and Jon Daughtry.

By having Lori and Jon invest in this company with Tom and joining forces with a crew who loves what they do will now ensure the companies legacy can continue as Tom angles toward the finish line of his career.

Congratulations to Lori and Jon in earning this milestone!

Kirkland Landscape Company Owners

Lori Beehner joined ECI on 02/18/2004 as a landscape laborer. She came from a large corporate background and was looking for a more personalized way to make a living where her time and energy would be appreciated.

Lori took classes at South Seattle Community College to build her design and plant knowledge. It was there that she discovered her aptitude for design and project estimating. With her strong prior background in management and sales and with the addition of her new found design skills, Lori quickly jumped into design, sales and project management with this company where she has flourished.

After achieving that goal, Lori championed the task of developing and growing our "Garden Stewardship" division within the company. In 2011, we started with a small handful of clients and offered seasonal cleanup assistance. By this writing in 2017, we have 3 full time maintenance employees and a hefty list of regular maintenance clients.

Over the years, and by jumping in with both feet, Lori has worked her way up the corporate ladder from un-skilled laborer to her current status as both "Design Specialist and Project Manager" but also enjoys being our “General Corporate Manager”. Lori maintains this company's high level of standards.

With Lori’s partnership, I look forward to the opportunity to watch this business continue to flourish and grow for years to come.

Jon Daughtry joined ECI on 09/17/2007 as a construction laborer. He came from a background of landscape maintenance and quickly stepped up to the task of construction. Jon has a natural ability to take on new projects and execute them with a high level of detail. Jon is a go-getter with energy that feeds the rest of the crew. He quickly stepped into the role of Project Foreman and has helped train multiple crews on best construction techniques. Jon also maintains our high level of standards. Once he took root with our firm, he has never looked back. With Jon’s knowledge and ability in construction, we have learned that he could always quickly assess and understand the various individual parts of each new and potential project. With that aptitude, he has become our go to estimator for both "in house" and various "outside projects" we receive from our independent design associates. When a random order of magnitude quote is requested, Jon is our "go to" man.

Beyond expediting our project estimates Jon also fills the role of Project Supervisor as he oversees our crews and current projects on a daily basis. His contribution has increased sales and he is a Force majeure when it comes to assuring continued growth within the company.

With Jon's partnership, the company can look forward to ongoing success and growth.


Joining together in this "employee ownership role" means more than just becoming a partner in Environmental Construction, Inc. It means that we will now "officially" be working together on how our visions can blend to grow the company and continue to be profitable while providing ongoing opportunities and growth for our staff.

This partnership sets the standard of being an employee owned company and opens future doors for other eligible employees or businesses that may be invited to invest into the company.

Becoming an "employee owned business" will allow Environmental Construction to continue setting the highest standards within the Landscape Industry for many more years.

Onward with gratitude,

Tom Barrett, President

Environmental Construction, Inc.

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