Outdoor kitchen roof installation

What makes an outdoor kitchen so special? It's the roof. We are finishing this outdoor kitchen's roof installation with a unique design and special amenities.

Without a roof, an outdoor kitchen is simply a patio with cooking equipment and an eating area. Outdoor kitchen roof installation allows the space to be usable almost all year. Unless you enjoy cooking and eating in the rain or squinting against the bright sun, you will probably prefer a roof over your outdoor kitchen.

Roof design and installation

Here we are in the midst of installing an outdoor kitchen for a family in North Seattle. The outdoor kitchen is installed over a workshop that Environmental Construction Inc. built as an extension of the lower floor.

Lighting up the outdoor kitchen

The construction project is now ready for the roof installation. Here we have designed a roof that contains both lighting for evening entertainment and a skylight to let in natural light and the warmth of the sun.

This outdoor kitchen roof installation contains recessed lights throughout the flat deck. For added comfort on those warm summer days, a fan is installed over the dining area to provide a pleasant breeze without taking up valuable floor space.

The amenities continue…

Today, even outdoor kitchens are going wireless. The gray box that you see mounted just under the peak of the new gable roof is a waterproof enclosure for a wireless access point. Now enjoying the outdoors doesn't have to mean giving up all the joys of technology.

A unique addition to the roof installation project is a large skylight which has an aluminum frame around each pane of glass. This sloped roof offers natural light and contains no tinting. The unit was made by CrystaLite Inc., which is based in Everett, WA.

For some final touches, the ceiling under the deck is finished with tongue and groove cypress boards and stained with spar varnish, and the exterior walls are painted to match the home's exterior.

Aside from a bit more work on the ceiling, the outdoor kitchen roof installation is almost complete. Now for the outdoor kitchen cabinet installation.

Find outdoor kitchen & patio roof installation ideas

This homeowner's outdoor kitchen roof installation includes a unique glass-paned gable roof and two solid roofs on either side, but there are many types of roof styles that are suitable for an outdoor kitchen in the Seattle area.

Before beginning an outdoor kitchen construction project, it's a good idea to do a lot of idea-hunting. We have created a collection of outdoor kitchen roof installation ideas.

Take a look at the ones we found on Pinterest. View our collection of outdoor kitchen and patio roof designs.

For outdoor kitchen installation, decks, patios with fireplaces, and other construction projects, contact us at Environmental Construction Inc. We have been creating beautiful spaces for homeowners for over 25 years.

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