Seattle outdoor kitchen needs a roof

Our outdoor kitchen project is taking shape as we begin installation of the roof.

In Seattle, an outdoor kitchen needs more than just quality appliances, spacious work area, and a nice floor surface. The best part about having an outdoor kitchen here in the Seattle area is it can be used year-round if it has a waterproof roof. Eating outdoors...comfortable and in the rain -- that is just what this North Seattle family has envisioned.

Scroll through the images below as we begin to construct the roof for this beautiful outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor kitchen gets a roof...

First, we removed some roofing material from the back of the home. Steel posts were installed before lifting the support beam into place. (Having a strong team comes in handy!)

With the 23-foot glue laminated beam in place, two of the four purlins are attached to the house.

Finally, the double purlins with flat roof sections are framed. And...the flat roof sections for the outdoor kitchen are finished!

There will ultimately be a glass gable roof that will fill the space between two flat roofs and tie into the home's existing structure. This will complete the waterproof layer above the outdoor kitchen.

Next: An outdoor kitchen is much more than just a covered patio.

If you are interested in building an outdoor kitchen, contact us at Environmental Construction Inc. We like to dream with our clients about new landscape designs and quality construction, then start digging and building as we make dreams happen.

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