Outdoor light installation

Environmental Construction can help you brighten up the dark winter ahead with outdoor lighting installed near walkways, in fountains, pools, and on decks and patios.

As fall turns to winter, something mysterious happens to our day. We no longer wake up to the sun shining in our windows or drive home from work in the daylight. For those of us living in the Seattle area, dark and dreary weather will surround us for the next several months. For many, the darkness and rainy weather erodes away at the memory of the pleasure their landscape offered them during the last several months.

My advice: don’t let the cold, dark winter spoil your love for the landscape that surrounds you. Outdoor low-voltage lighting adds a glow of beauty to the landscape during the dark nights of winter. There may be a scrooge lurking in the dark saying, "You can’t see anything at night so why bother thinking about installing lighting in your landscaping." Well, don’t listen!

As you deck the halls, let Environmental Construction light up your walkways, deck, pool,and garden beds. Do you have a pond or waterfall? Submerged lighting will let you and others enjoy the water movement in a whole new way. Watching the flicker of colored lights shining on running water or a fountain is as relaxing and enjoyable as sitting under a shade tree in summer. How about using lighting to create a simulated fire in a fire pit or outdoor fireplace? Of course, adding lighting to a driveway and walkways is not only attractive, but also provides for safety.

We use low-voltage, such as LED lighting; although, solar lighting may be an option if placed in a location that receives enough sunlight during the day. And, for ease of use and energy savings, we can place all your lighting on a timer so it automatically turns on and off.

Cheer up! This is the time of year when you get to light up your landscape and showcase various garden features. You can enjoy a beautiful landscape all winter by installing unique lighting fixtures in strategic locations. Using Christmas lights and other forms of lighting in a landscape is more than tradition during the Christmas season and throughout the winter; in the Seattle area, it’s a must!

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