Spring flowers are blooming

Happy Spring! As we tip-toe through the tulips, on today's garden walk, we observe the blooming of the first spring flowers.

My wife and I walk our dog, Wolfie, through our Kirkland, WA neighborhood almost every afternoon. While we enjoy the fresh air, we are always noticing something about gardens in the neighborhood. Recently we were struck by how quickly the cherry trees had come into full bloom. I do so love the spring.

Spring is finally here!

Our neighbors in the convergence zone just to the north of us had their [hopefully] last snow melt a short while ago and temperatures spiked to as high as 65 degrees. With daylight savings time and our longer days (now happily over the 12-hour mark), I dare say...it is officially spring.

Have you noticed, the trees have enormous buds, daffodils and forsythia have already bloomed, and other spring favorites look ready to wake up? It seemed to have happened overnight...suddenly the cherry and magnolia have flowered and everywhere is a scene of white, pink, and nearly crimson blossoms.

We hope you can get out and take a walk and are enjoying this instant spring as much as we are.
Tom Barrett

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