Yard maintenance in Seattle vs. garden stewardship

In busy Seattle, garden stewardship trumps your average yard maintenance service. Let us explain…

Residents in the Seattle area often look for a landscape maintenance company to perform regular care of their yard or garden. Once they find someone for the yard maintenance, they need to look for another company to clean the gutters and drains. Still, a third company needs to be hired (or they hunt for someone in the neighborhood) to water plants, pull weeds, and spray the sidewalks. Maybe they need help with planting their vegetable garden. And what about getting help with the pruning and transplanting in the fall and spring?

We wanted to write this blog to let you allknow that Environmental Construction realizes how important it is that you have a reliable landscape maintenance company taking care of all your outdoor needs and acting as your complete garden advocate. That is why we offer a unique service that is meant to bring peace of mind to our busy Seattle community. We call this service “Garden Stewardship”.

Garden stewardship goes beyond just plant care

Our service is not just "mow and blow". Environmental Construction offers a comprehensive service that takes full care of all your outdoor gardening needs. Our staff is well-versed in landscape construction, horticulture, and Northwest ecology; we add a more holistic approach to landscape maintenance. Our service includes pruning, mowing, weeding, edging and fertilizing. We go the extra mile -- we check downspouts, catch basins and will clean your gutters too, if desired.

Garden stewardship includes proper pruning and plant care, organic fertilizer and soil amendments. It also means blowing off leaf debris and disrupting spider webs and pressure washing driveways, patios, and decks. We can also add seasonal color, add mulch to your landscape, and maintain garden beds.

More information is available in the Landscape Maintenance section of our website.

We want to help homeowners plan, build, and then care for their new gardens. Above all, for us, proper pruning and transplanting is at the forefront of good garden stewardship. We like to make sure the plants are well cared for so they stay healthy and can grow, thrive, and offer years of beauty.

Beyond that, we want to express to our maintenance clients that every garden is maintained on a custom level because no two gardens are alike. We work with each individual client to determine what work needs to be done to provide the most pleasure. Bottom line, we nurture our clients’ gardens "and assure they will be worry-free.

Let us help you free up more time. Request maintenance service today.

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