Tree Removal, Transplanting, Stump Grinding

When a tree or shrub needs to be cut down or moved, proper technique is critically

Tree Removal

Tree removal by Environmental Construction When the size of trees and shrubs can no longer be reduced through pruning, we recommend tree removal and replacement. We have a vast network of companies and people who are qualified and have the necessary equipment needed to remove even large trees from your property.

If a tree is cut down, you can request to have us feed the branches through a chipper to create wood chips for your landscaping. Otherwise, the debris can be removed from the property.

Planting trees It is important to note that some municipalities have rules and protection against cutting down trees. They may require permission or permits. Often times, a new tree must be planted when one is removed. Cutting down trees from certain critical areas, such as steep slopes, may also require a permit. Environmental Construction will ensure that necessary permits are obtained.

Transplant Trees and Shrubs

Transplanting trees As the value of a tree or shrub increases, transplanting can be a better option than removal to help renew your gardens. Winter is always the best time to transplant trees and shrubs. This is when plants are dormant and the nutrient level stored in the root system is at its peak. However, when trees or shrubs need to be transplanted out of season and plant failure is not an option; we apply BioPlex before digging begins. Learn more about this product at

Stump Grinding

Proper pruning of trees and bushes After a large tree is cut down, we assess whether the stump can be safely removed without damaging surrounding plant roots or infringing on drain pipes, utility lines or earth stability. If removing the stump is likely to cause damage, we will opt to grind the stump to below ground level and cover the area with new dirt.

Environmental Construction provides consistent quality in all our landscape services. We remove trees without leaving yard debris behind for you to clean up. Tree removal, transplanting trees, and stump grinding is our field of expertise.

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