Rainwater Harvesting and Collection System Installation

Installing a rainwater collection system makes perfect sense in the Seattle area. This is one of the first installations to consider when designing a sustainable garden.

Rainwater Harvesting

Collecting and re-using water Rainwater harvesting is the collection of surface water, typically from roofs, and storing it for future use. This water is called grey water and is not drinkable. It can be used in the landscape, as toilet water or for cleaning.

Rain Harvesting can be done on a small scale with rain barrels placed under your downspouts, or it can be done on a large scale with water tanks, either above ground or buried underground.

Using a Rain Barrel for Collecting Rainwater

Rainwater Harvesting Using a specially-designed rain barrel to collect water from non-permeable surfaces is a simple process. There are a variety rain barrel shape, sizes, and colors to choose. It is a simple process of capture, save, and re-use. Rain barrels work best if the water can be utilized as it collected and then replenished as it get used.

Cistern or Rain Barrel?

A cistern is another alternative for collecting rainwater. While these water tanks work well they do require a lot of space. Generally, they are installed in-ground and can hold large amounts of water for household use. Unlike rain barrels that hold water for immediate use, a cistern can store rainwater for periods when water availability is low.

Whichever collection system you choose, it is a good idea to alleviate excess water run-off and capture it for watering the garden instead.

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