Landscape Design - Carpentry (Decks, Fences, Pergolas)

Deck installation increases space for outdoor entertaining. Walk out the door and onto a pleasant surface, free of mud and standing water.

Custom-built Deck Designs

Custom deck and metal railing designed by Seattle landscaper, Environmental Construction Our deck construction is designed based on specific need, space, maintenance requirement, and individual's budget. All of our deck designs are custom-built on site using Natural Select™, environmentally-friendly treated wood in the structural (framing) portion of our decks. Decks can make use of difficult or uneven terrain and range from simple ground level boardwalks to multi-level entertainment spaces with inset lighting, plantings and even water features.

By-level Deck Design

Cedar deck with built-in seating by landscaper Environmental Construction The multi levels deck designs allows large space to be defined into smaller spaces to meet the multiple needs of a family. Sometimes creating an elevated or lower section within a deck allow us to create a more private area.

Built-in Seating

Built-in seating and flower boxes are a very popular feature. By incorporating built in benches around the perimeter of the deck, the seating space is maximized and yet allows room for table and chairs.

Designed to Include a Railing

Second level deck/balcony built by landscape company, Environmental Construction While a railing is often required by code, we have a lot of freedom to create a look that blends with your home and deck design. Whether using a type of wood, composite, or metal, railings can be both useful and aesthetically pleasing. Most important, they should never obstruct a view.

Wood Deck Materials

The use of cedar for decking is the most economical choice for homeowners. Its natural resistance to weather and insects allows the cedar to grey naturally without having to stain or seal the wood. However, you can still stain and seal the wood for longevity and to capture the beauty of the wood grain.

Composite wood deck designed by Kirkland Landscape Company, Environmental Construction Sustainable hard or soft woods like Ipe (Iron Wood), Mahogany, and Western Red Cedar are also used for decking. However, Trex® and other plastic composite decking, or "StoneDeck" (see, are also popular building materials because they require so little maintenance and last longer than wood.

Decking immediately extends your living space to the outdoors, integrating your home into the garden. Whether it is a nice soak in the hot tub or a great dinner grilled out on the barbeque, decks provide much more usable space for living enjoyment.

Fence Installation

Wood fencing is like a sturdy picture frame around a treasured painting. They are majestic and serve a variety of purposes.

Custom-built Fences

Fence and arbor designed by Seattle landscaper, Environmental Construction Fences are designed to create clearly-defined spaces in your garden. A fence can also act as a property boundary or privacy barrier. They can be distinctive or subtly blend into an overall landscape design. We will help you choose a style that blends well with your landscape and provides the functionality that you need.

Our wood fences are custom-built on site using Natural Select™ environmentally-friendly treated timbers and sustainable hard or soft woods like Western Red Cedar.

Selecting a Fence

Custom fencing by landscaper Environmental Construction There are many types of fences and gates -- privacy and semi-private, decorative, and electric fences that are hidden in the ground and meant to keep pets from leaving the property. There are also special fences to keep out deer and protect your garden and plants. Fences can be built from a variety of materials such as wood, vinyl, plastic composite, chain link, wrought iron, and aluminum.

We also build and repair:

  • Backyard privacy fence built by landscape company, Environmental Construction Security Fences
  • Picket Fences
  • Pool Fences ...and more

*Our service includes old fence removal.

Fences Built To Last

No matter which style you choose, a strong and durable fence and gate is the most important factor to consider. All of our fences are built with the best quality materials. Semi-private fence designed by Kirkland Landscape Company, Environmental ConstructionWe at Environmental Construction, Inc. build fences and gates that have the strength to endure the force of high winds and climbing children.

Whether you need to install a fence to keep the dog in, keep the neighbors out, or add that "finishing touch of elegance" to your home, we will make sure your fence is designed and installed with precision and quality.

Pergolas, Arbors, Trellises, and Gazebos

Designed to enhance the look of your home, provide a quiet resting place, and offer support for vines and hanging plants.

Custom-built Garden Structures

Arbor designed by Seattle landscaper, Environmental Construction Each of these custom-built garden structures can add just the right touch to your landscape. You will enjoy the quality of design, privacy, and shade.

Pergolas and Arbors

A pergola or arbor is an airy overhead structure that is typically used to accentuate a home entry or transition from one part of your garden to another. Pergola over windows provides partial shadeThey are wonderful as a skeleton for growing vines, which can then serve as a pleasant-looking privacy barrier.


A trellis is similar to a pergola or arbor in that is often used to foliage, but a trellis is usually a flat lattice structure that is often secured to a wall or fence. They can support trees, plants, and vines.


Arbor surrounds hot tub and supports plants that offer privacyA gazebo is a separate garden structure which typically has and enclosed roof and is perfect for a quiet sitting area or hammock.

All of our wooden pergolas, arbors, gazebos, trellises, and garden structures are built on site using Natural Select™ environmentally-friendly treated timbers and sustainable hard or soft woods like Western Red Cedar. Your satisfaction is always our first concern.

Gazebo in the landscape for entertaining and relaxation Note: These garden structures are also available in metal and wrought iron, if desired.

Privacy Screens

Privacy barriers are installed for a variety of purposes. There are also several methods for creating a privacy screen within a landscape.

Wooden or Metal Structures Installed for Privacy

Patio enclosure designed by Environmental Construction, Kirkland WA Environmental Construction has a team of experts in the field of landscape construction. If a permanent structure, such as a privacy fence is not conducive to the location, consider a lattice structure made from wood or metal. There are many other decorative wood or metal structures we can suggest installing for privacy. If desired, we can design a custom-made privacy barrier that is unique, stylish, and blends with your decor.

Vegetation Planted for Privacy

Privacy screen built by landscaper Environmental Construction Plants are the most inexpensive privacy barrier. Some will grow fast, and some will even come in sizes that provide a nearly ready-made privacy barrier. For example, Cyprus and other tall slender evergreens can provide an effective privacy hedge that can be installed in a day. Plants can also add sound, as well as help block sound from outside the yard. A willow makes a whisper-sound in the wind as will bamboo, poplar, or many other trees and grasses.

Walls and Fences Built for Privacy

Bushes planted for privacy barrier by landscape company, Environmental Construction Walls are the ultimate privacy screen. A wall says “Do not enter” much better than other structures by virtue of its mass. Because of this, it can also act as a sound barrier or reflector. This is important when you live near a busy road. (Note: If you need to cover up unpleasant noise, consider installing a pond with fountain next to the wall or privacy fence. We can help you choose a water feature that makes white noise or provides a relaxing gurgling sound; the sound will bounce off the wall or fence and help drown out other noises.)

Other aspects to consider are how much shadow the wall or privacy fence will cast, how much heat they absorb, and what might you want to grow against them.

Brick wall designed by Kirkland Landscape Company, Environmental Construction Although privacy is important, walls and privacy fences may need to be designed to include access to the landscape. It is not a good idea to build a permanent structure that may later have to be removed every time you need trucks or heavy machinery brought in for a delivery, tree removal, or home improvements. A doorway or gate can act as an entry-way for your garden. (See our webpage about custom-built fences and gates for more information and a sample of our work. A beautifully designed gate can really enhance the look of your home.)

Adding Soothing Sounds as a Noise Barrier

Sounds within the garden, while they don’t by themselves add privacy; do heighten a sense of privacy. Always consider what your landscape sounds like. Gongs and chimes, if you can install them without instigating a neighborhood block meeting to have you remove them, are a wonderful addition. Sit on a bench in summer with a light breeze tinkling the chimes or listening to a gurgling brook or splashing fountain is going to make you very relaxed.

Other Garden Screens

Rocks and dirt may also be used as a privacy barrier. Large rocks, hills or mounds can add interest to a garden. Imagine having a garden surrounded by something that looks like Stonehenge. A hill or hummock is a good way to add separation without limitation and will also deaden sound. The drawback of these methods is how much space they consume if they are to be an effective height. Adding a water feature to rocks or hills is a nice way of engaging the privacy element into the landscape.

Landscaping for Privacy

A garden is a wonderful place to relax...or it can be if it is landscaped for privacy. If your chain link fence lets your neighbors walk by and distract you from a deep sleep in your hammock, you should consider increasing your privacy. There are several privacy screen options to choose.

Privacy fences can help block noise, add shade, and provide support for vines or espaliered fruit trees, but fences are not your only option to enhancing your suburban privacy. Structures such as walls, lattices, rocks, hills, mounds, and certain plants and trees all provide varying amounts of privacy.

Once you have decided on a method for creating more privacy in your yard, make sure you consider these things: maintenance of physical material or vegetation; movement in or out of the landscape; appearance during various seasons. We hope you enjoy being in your backyard feeling comfortable and relaxed.

Environmental Construction, Inc.

It's not simply about designing and building beautiful garden spaces, it's about providing a landscape oasis where you can relax from the daily grind and recharge. Let us create an outdoor space that will enhance your home and quality of life.

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