Landscape Design - Rain Garden and Bioswale Installation

The Pacific Northwest is known for its mountains, salmon, coffee...and RAIN.

As cities grow and urban development occurs, our eco-system becomes jeopardized. Parks are now becoming office buildings, lawns are becoming patios, and houses are being built bigger while landscapes are becoming smaller.

Rain GardenAll this growth means the rainwater has nowhere to go but run off into streams, taking pollutants from these surfaces with it. When landscape construction includes a large area of non-permeable surfaces, the water flows faster and can cause serious erosion.

A rain garden design or bioswale installation are both solutions to these problems. When preparing a new landscape, one of the questions we ask is, "Where does the rain water naturally flow?" One of the most important challenges we face is determining the best techniques to deal with a sudden influx of rain water.

Rain Gardens and Bioswales

We discuss rainwater collection and rain harvesting on our website under Environmental Management Services. If rainwater harvesting is not your thing, but you are interested in sustainable gardening, consider a rain garden or bioswale.

The purpose of the rain garden or bioswale is to direct the flow of water from an impervious surfaces (roofs, driveways, patios) into a garden bed with a low area or depression. This allows the water to be moved away from your home and dispersed into the landscape where it can be absorbed and utilized by nature.

When planning your rain garden, consider the amount of rain you are capturing and size your garden appropriately. This is also true when selecting plants. Native plants are recommended as they are most adaptable to climatic conditions and promote urban habitats for native species. Choose plants that are tolerant of wet conditions for the lowest area but also adaptable to dry conditions during the summer months.

Rain gardens can be created anywhere and to any size. Have fun with your rain garden and be creative -- incorporate rocks, a fountain or any other focal point.

Rain gardens are the answer to many water diversion issues. Our rain garden designs are specifically made to deal with the need to divert rain and facilitate water runoff. Not only are they functional, they are also a beautiful addition to a natural landscape.

View our video about installing a bioswale.

We have also written a blog about the subject -- Rain gardens control runoff and protect lakes and streams. Be sure to click on these links for more information about rain gardens and bioswales.

Seattle is known for being a leader in the ‘green’ industry and establishing practices that serve our natural resources. We embrace the challenges of working with the elements. Rain gardens and rain harvesting have become the new trend in landscapes design.

As more impervious surfaces are created, more surface water is generated and the need for a water run-off system becomes evident.

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