Landscape Company Designs for the Seattle Area

Environmental Construction Landscape Company has been improving living areas in the communities in and around Seattle, Washington for over 28 years. We'd like to share what our landscape company has been doing and what we can do for you.

View these Seattle Landscape Designs:

  • Magnolia

    As awe-inspiring as this area is, the landscapes of Magnolia are not immune to water damage. Environmental Construction was able to repair the damage caused by excess water at this lovely Magnolia home and transform their outdoor space to one the homeowner could use and enjoy.
  • Green Lake

    Creative garden design makes entertaining that much more fun for this Seattle homeowner in the Green Lake area.
  • Queen Anne

    What a difference a little landscaping can make on the curb appeal of a home. We were able to help increase the value of this home in Queen Anne with front-entry landscape design.
  • Madrona

    View landscape designs and custom features for homes in the Madrona neighborhood of Seattle.

Seattle landscape company repairs hillside

Steps to upper terrace of backyard landscaping This hillside landscape in Seattle is redesigned with additional support, plantings, red brick patio, and decking.

The hillside stabilization project was located on Perkins Lane in Seattle, WA. The homeowners had a water main break on the hill above their home causing thousands of gallons of water to damage and undermine their entry steps, retaining wall, parking strip, driveway, and foundation.

Hillside landscaping This house was built overlooking Puget Sound. The driveway was seldom used for vehicles. There was little usable outdoor space and no defined lower yard access down the slope. A large maple was damaged during the Nisqually earthquake and was leaning towards the house. The homeowners decided they wanted to recreate the landscape, and our company was able to help.

Environmental Construction Landscape Project:

  • The parking strip was reset to accommodate vehicles.
  • The hillside below the edge of the house was engineered to support the patio and slope above.
  • Red brick patioThe driveway was removed and replaced with patios and decking.
  • The timber retaining wall was shored up with rock outcroppings and plantings.
  • Hillside access was created from the street to the new patio area and from the patio area to the lower yard.
  • An irrigation system was installed to hydrate the mostly native plantings.

Seattle landscape designer improves garden in Green Lake

Green Lake garden remodel allows for more enjoyment.

Landscape steps at Green Lake home This Seattle home in the Green Lake area had a garden which was crowded, overgrown, and weedy. The clients wanted to update and maintain the mature garden behind their Tudor style home. The garden was in need of a little "tender loving care" so we created a new garden design and prescribed a bi-annual garden stewardship regimen. Clearing the canvass opened opportunities to create distinct new garden rooms for entertaining, wandering, and relaxing.

Environmental Construction Landscape Design:

  • Green Lake landscaping TrellisTrimmed existing trees, shrubs and vines to enhance air flow, accentuate their natural form, and promote the overall health and vitality of the plants.
  • Created a planting palette for a cottage garden – emphasizing color, texture, and year round interest.
  • Expanded flagstone paving to include pathways and a larger landing at the top of the bluestone stairs.
  • Constructed a trellis attached to the existing fence to enhance privacy and encourage vertical growth of new and existing vines.
  • Installed low voltage lights to highlight the gardens at night – up lights for specimen trees, pendant lights hang from the wisteria trellis and path lights.

Terrace landscaping in Green Lake This special garden design included a reading terrace, which is a quiet space at the highest point of garden that offers the best sun exposure. The garden space also includes a lower lawn area which provides overflow space for the bluestone barbeque patio. This space offers great views of a mature wisteria vine.

Landscaper in Seattle improves home in Queen Anne

Curb Appeal of this home in Queen Anne, near Seattle, is greatly improved with landscaping.

Residential landscaper in Seattle area improves courtyard of home in Bellevue A cute English bungalow nestled into the Queen Anne neighborhood was hidden from the street by three overgrown pear trees. They not only secluded the home but at the same time were jeopardizing the existing concrete retaining wall. By partnering with Environmental Construction Inc to create a design for the front yard, we were able to capture the architectural style of the house and complement it with clean lines and desirable plantings that offer a warm welcome to the home. After the enhancement was complete, the homeowner thanked ECI for creating “a landscape that truly makes my house a home”.

Environmental Construction Landscape Project:

  • Created an updated design for the front yard to include new retaining wall, entry steps and walkway, permeable driveway along with plants & low voltage lighting for the finishing touches. The client cherished a custom made metal railing and wanted to ensure it could be re-installed with the updated design. Thus, the final design was created with this in mind.
  • Removed the 3 large pear trees, including the stumps and roots. Transplanted existing rhododendrons and witch hazel and excavated poor soils offsite.
  • Removed a majority of the existing concrete retaining walls and entry steps as well as the existing concrete driveway.
  • Installed terraced Concrete Block Walls and entry steps with concrete paver walkway.
  • Installed permeable driveway.
  • Installed new trees and plantings for seasonal color and year round interest.
  • Added large container plantings at the sidewalk on either side of the steps to balance the entry and ground the design.
  • Installed low voltage lighting to enhance the entry garden at night – up lights for specimen trees and path lights to guide your way to the front door.
After landscaper in Seattle improved curb appeal of Queen Anne home After Landscaping:

Updated design opens up the home to the street. This creates a desirable curb appeal and a more inviting entrance.

Landscaper in Seattle improves curb appeal with a terraced concrete block wall and garden beds.

Concrete block walls offer clean lines and terraced garden beds.

Custom metal railing and large flower pots provide and accent to the entryway in this Queen Anne home.

Large flower pots anchor the entrance and complement the custom metal railing.

Landscaper in Seattle improves home in Madrona

Arbors, trellises, and fencing create a more inviting entryway for this home in Madrona, WA.

Landscaper in Seattle area builds an arbor, trellis, and fence for home in Madrona, WA For visitors to this tree lined and shady Madrona home, finding the front door was a challenge. Both visitors and homeowners had to duck beneath two large camellias to access a narrow chain-link gate. Beyond that the front porch was even more understated.

Environmental Construction Landscape Project:

  • We removed the chain-link fencing from the perimeter of the yard. To define boundaries yet create a sense of openness an open layout, a cedar good neighbor fence was built in select areas.Residential landscaper in Seattle area improves entryway of Madrona home
  • To enhance the entry experience, a grand staircase was constructed with sawn bluestone slabs.
  • Centered on the new staircase is a mortared bluestone porch with cedar arbor above to direct visitors' attention to the front door.
  • A rhythm is created through the garden by repeating materials – dimensional bluestone set in an ashlar pattern at the entry walk, while random irregular bluestone flagstone create pathways to other garden rooms.Arbor, Trellis, Fence builder in Seattle area - Madrona
  • Eyebrow trellises above windows and the garage add architectural interest to the home. They also provide structure for plant vines.

Front entry is improved with landscape construction

Landscape steps, low-voltage lighting, and custom iron railing enhance the front-entry appearance of this Madrona home.

This new front entry is in the Madrona neighborhood of Seattle, WA. The homeowner wanted a new front entry that not only flowed from the street but was visually tied to the house. The existing front entry of the home lacked "natural flow" and was in poor condition. Landscaper in Seattle area builds an arbor, trellis, and fence for home in Madrona, WAThe concrete retaining wall hidden by shrubs was failing. The access point to the entry located near the highest point of the yard was inconvenient for guests parking on the street. The east side of the front yard was accessible only from the back yard.

Environmental Construction Landscape Project:

  • The entry was removed and replaced with steps that are at a 45 degree angle from the door.
  • The entry steps and wall are faced with the same brick as the house
  • The access from the sidewalk was moved to provide a more direct point of entry.
  • Low voltage lighting illuminates the steps from the sidewalk to the door.
  • A bluestone path accesses the east side of the front yard.
  • An irrigation system waters the new native plantings.
  • A custom iron railing encloses the new entry.

Seattle Landscaper improves landslide-prone hillside

Paver patio, pergola, retaining wall, and plantings create a secluded garden room for this hillside home in Madrona.

Hillside landscaping in Madrona This entry courtyard is in the Madrona neighborhood of Seattle, WA. The homeowner wanted to convert the unused space on an Environmentally Critical slope into a secluded garden room that graces the senses of sight, sound and scent. The project components include a circular paver patio framed by a three-posted pergola, Tenino sandstone steps, a drilled basalt water feature and impact plantings. The home is located in a neighborhood designated as Environmentally Critical and prone to landslides. The new patio location is adjacent the entry walk and below a timber retaining wall.

Environmental Construction's Erosion Control Landscaping:

  • Stone, block and timber retaining walls were constructed around the patio provide hillside stability.
  • Three drilled basalt columns installed as a water feature reduce street noise.
  • Drainage at the edge of the patio collects and removes the rain water off of the hillside to mitigate erosion control.
  • Fragrant native shrubs and trees frame the patio to create “soft walls.”

About Seattle

Seattle living, with its hilly terrain and diverse living spaces, offers a unique opportunity for creative landscaping. Seattle is a collection of several different communities -- each with a personality and character all its own.

We think of Seattle as a landscape designer's artistic studio. The communities of Seattle provide a diverse canvass on which to create unique landscape design with interesting textures, colors, and features. The construction of homes in Seattle are as diverse as its people so our landscape designs are unique as well.

As a landscape contractor for all of the Seattle area, we have been designing landscapes for homeowners throughout Seattle for over 20 years. Our focus has always been on quality construction that is ecologically sound, but our special talent is creativity.

Listed below is a selection of Seattle landscapes designed and built by Environmental Construction in the areas of Magnolia, Green Lake, Queen Anne, and Madrona. Each design has its own unique style.

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