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Seattle Landscaper improves home in Bellevue

Residential landscaper in Seattle area improves courtyard of home in BellevueCourtyard landscaping enhances scenic views in Bellevue, WA

Residential landscaper in Seattle installs walkway through courtyard of home in BellevueThe owners of this Cougar Mountain home near Bellevue, WA love its commanding views of Lake Sammamish, Cascade Mountains, and Mt. Baker in the distance. It was only natural to put the initial efforts on the backyard landscaping focusing on the view. After living in the home for nearly two decades, the couple decided that the same effort should be put towards the front entry of the home.

Environmental Construction Landscape Project:

  • Re-graded and re-routed the driveway
  • Graded site to direct seasonal surface water away from the home with a series of swales. The swales and septic drain fields were planted with native fescues and allowed to grow to meadow height.
  • Groundcover is a nice touch when placed in the walkway of this home in the Seattle area - BellevuePlanted specimen trees to provide screening and create a sense of mystery to the arrival sequence.
  • Retained a hillside with massive igneous boulders set as outcroppings.
  • Created a courtyard garden in front of the home with large drifts of ornamental grasses to highlight the homes contemporary style.
  • Dimensional bluestones create a slab-style stepping stone walkway to the front door.

Seattle area landscaper builds rock stairs for Bellevue home Grasses and large boulders create a natural backyard landscape in Bellevue, WA Groundcover dispersed among the bluestone adds a natural landscape feel, while landscape grasses and large boulders provided texture to the backyard.

Seattle Landscaper creates more space for Bellevue homeowner

Bellevue, WA hillside home now enjoys a beautifully landscaped perimeter and more living space.

Hillside around home in Bellevue is remodelled by Landscaper in Seattle A Bellevue family with two teenage kids nearing driving age wanted to maximize their usable space. They decided to have a garage built for the additional cars, shop space for Dad, and loft space above for the kids to hang out away from Mom & Dad. To make space for the new garage and driveway a decaying timber retaining wall needed to be removed. The hillside above their home has commanding views of the downtown Bellevue skyline but limited access. The wall removal and garage excavation allowed machine access to the hillside and opening a window of opportunity to create several useable garden spaces.

Environmental Construction Landscape Project:

  • Fire ring at Bellevue homeRemoved rotting timber retaining walls
  • Excavated the footings for the garage contractor.
  • The driveway was re-aligned and expanded to accommodate additional parking.
  • The hillside was re-graded and stabilized with granite outcroppings allowing natural stone stairs,one-half inch minus crushed gravel pathways, and lush plantings to be knitted in.
  • A terrace was carved into the hillside to create a viewing patio and provide opportunities for prospect and refuge. Smooth igneous boulders provide retention for the slope above and double as informal seating for a raised wood burning fire-pit in the center of the patio.
  • Abbotsford Sandstone™ Hydrapressed slabs were sand set to create a courtyard in the space between the garage and house.
  • Seattle, WA landscaper creates walkways and more usable space for Bellevue home.Diverse plantings were used to maximize privacy yet be sensitive of the neighbor’s views.

A fire ring, positioned at the viewing terrace, adds recreational enjoyment.

Outcroppings and hillside plantings reduce erosion and provide for a beautiful walkway.

Bellevue Landscaper creates stylish outdoor kitchen

An Outdoor kitchen provides Bellevue homeowner with a beautiful space for entertaining

Environmental Construction Landscape Project:

ECI, residential landscaper in Seattle, builds an outdoor kitchen for a home in Bellevue
  • The project started with a landscape consultation to discuss the client's wishes.
  • Next, we created an outdoor kitchen design. Our Landscaping Design Manager created several versions of the plan and presented them to the homeowner.
  • Once an outdoor kitchen plan was established, it was time to obtain permits. We created additional designs in conjunction with City of Bellevue Department of Construction and Land Use. Structural, electrical, and gas permits were required.
  • Engineering is a part of many design/build permit applications. In this case, we needed structural engineering for the pergola roof.
  • Demolition included removing back rockery and affected plants. We cut the concrete patio to newly designed dimensions.
ECI Landscaping turns patio into a beautiful outdoor kitchen

This is what our client's home and patio looked like before beginning the outdoor kitchen and landscape remodeling project. First, before the actual construction began, we took measurements of the existing patio area. These measurements were then used in preparing the outdoor kitchen design.

Construction of the outdoor kitchen is shown in the following photos: Building outdoor kitchen cabinets in Bellevue, WA
  • The construction process included creating forms and pouring a concrete wall in place of the rockery.
  • Concrete footings were poured for the new gas fireplace and supports for the pergola.
  • Steel studs and concrete board were installed for the outdoor kitchen cabinets.
ECI Landscaping builds an outdoor living room as part of an outdoor kitchen for a home in Bellevue, WA Building a new gas fireplace for outdoor kitchen in Bellevue, WA
  • Next, we coordinated with a certified electrician to add appropriate circuitry and gas installer to bring gas to the cooking area and fireplace.
  • A stone veneer was applied to concrete board.
  • High quality outdoor kitchen appliances, such as an outdoor barbecue grill and radiant heater, were added to enhance the usefulness and comfort of the outdoor living area.
Building a pergola for an outdoor kitchen in Bellevue, WA

Fine workmanship was used in building the pergola. This open structured garden pergola is covered with clear, double-walled, polycarbonate panels known as "Lexan". This covering allows the outdoor kitchen to remain dry, year-round, and is the perfect space for hanging plants, lights, or lightweight decor.

For outdoor kitchens, contact Environmental Construction in Kirkland, WA

Bellevue landscaper, Environmental Construction Inc., finished the beautifully constructed outdoor kitchen by adding plantings, rock outcroppings, sculptural elements, stone steps, and over seeding the lawn.

Outdoor room replaces patio in Bellevue, WA Bellevue, WA, landscape company builds outdoor kitchens Outdoor kitchen design includes a quality-built pergola Outdoor kitchen with barbecue grill and fireplace

About Bellevue

Bellevue covers a large area on Seattle's eastside and includes our favorite ecologically rich nature preserve and botanical garden, as well as some beautifully landscaped parks. If you are looking for a landscape design of native plantings or unique gardens, we suggest taking a walk through the Mercer Slough or Bellevue Botanical Garden -- it's sure to get your landscape ideas flowing.

The Bellevue area is bordered on the east by Lake Sammamish and on the west by Lake Washington. The diverse landscape offers scenic views from Somerset and East Cougar Mountain, Seattle city views for many of the West Bellevue residents, and beautiful sunrises for those living on the east side.

Homeowners in Bellevue cherish the natural beauty their community has to offer and the exquisite views. Landscaping contractor, Environmental Construction Inc., designs, builds, and maintains landscapes that allow Bellevue residents to more fully enjoy the unique features of the area. Projects in Bellevue often include special landscaping for steep slopes and rocky terrain. Listed below are some of the landscape design projects we have completed in Bellevue that provided more scenic views and space to enjoy the outdoors.

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It's not simply about designing and building beautiful garden spaces, it's about providing a landscape oasis where you can relax from the daily grind and recharge. Let us create an outdoor space that will enhance your home and quality of life.

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