Landscape Company Designs for the Everette Area

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Seattle Landscaper creates eco-friendly Everett home

Green roof in Everett, Washington saves energy and increases garden space.

Residential landscaper in Everett installs green roof We are always researching new plants, materials, methods and technologies. Through experimentation we learn how a material performs and can confidently refer it to our clientele.

Environmental Construction's Green Landscaping:

  • Added additional framing and waterproofing to the existing studio roof.
  • Installed Amergreen™ roof drainage mats and Netafim® sub-surface irrigation.
  • Created an “intensive” green roof using 6 inches of lightweight soil medium.
  • Planted drought tolerant plants with year round interest including: sedums & sempervivums, grasses, sand strawberries, and herbs.
  • Benefits of green roofs include improved insulation rating, greatly increased roof lifespan, and reduction of roof water runoff.
  • For this installation we made provisions to connect to a future water collection system that will serve the house downspouts and a permeable driveway.
  • Everett landscaper builds durable frame for green roof
    Landscapers build a durable frame for the green roof.
  • Green roof construction by Everett landscaper
    We use a large conveyor truck to place the soil on the roof.
  • Quality dirt covers the green roof
    Landscapers spread organic soil, ideal for plant growth.
  • Plants on green roof
    Strawberries and groundcovers are planted in the soil to create an energy-efficient and eco-friendly home.

About Everett

The city of Everett, just north of Seattle, is known for its unique "convergence-zone" weather pattern and increased rainfall. With all that rain, landscaping in Everett needs special attention. Proper drainage is often a concern and may require more site preparation, deep-rooted plantings, and additional measures to control erosion.

A green roof is an ideal solution for soaking up excess water that would normally run off of the large non-permeable surface. Building a landscape design that uses plantings that are best suited for the terrain and weather patterns is what our company is all about. We are proud of the work we have done in Everett and enjoy the opportunity to improve the environment with our landscaping efforts.

As landscape contractor with an interest in ecological landscaping, Environmental Construction Inc. looks forward to more landscape projects like this one.

Environmental Construction, Inc.

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