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Landscaper for Mercer Island stabilizes hillside

Landscaper for Mercer Island - Environmental Construction Inc.Environmental Construction provides expertise in slope stabilization and hillside landscaping for Mercer Island home.

During a mid-autumn rain storm the super saturated soils caused a slope to fail. After the homeowner cleared the mud away from the walls and windows, Environmental Construction was called on to rectify the problem. We collaborated with soils and structural engineers to creatively stabilize the hillside. Terracing was desired to provide maintenance access to the hillside.

Backyard landscaping in Mercer Island requires heavy machinery to move top soil. * Referenced in Builder Architect News August 2009

Environmental Construction Landscape Project:

  • Limited access necessitated the need for craning materials over the house to the rear yard.
  • Series of temporary chutes were erected to help export saturated soils & slide debris off site.
  • After the debris was removed an improved drainage system was installed to direct both surface and subsurface water away from the house and hillside.
  • Pipe pilings give support to landscaping terrace.Engineers reviewed our design for a series of serpentine terraces constructed of one-forth inch steel welded to 2-foot pipe pilings. Pipe pilings were driven with 90 lb. jack-hammers. The steel face was left un-treated to form a rich patina of rust before sealing.
  • A simple yet elegant palette of plants was used to add to the sculptural effect. When viewed from inside the home it looks like waves of flame colored ornamental grasses climbing the hillside.
  • A drilled Columbian basalt column fountain is tucked into a lush fern grotto backed by the steel walls.

Rock fountain and colorful hillside add elegance to Mercer Island home.Welding steel wallsEnvironmental Construction Inc. is a quality landscaper for Mercer Island and surrounding communities with years of experience in hillside stabilization, drainage control, and fine landscape design. Call us today or request a consultation through our website.

About Mercer Island

Mercer Island landscape design features are some of the finest. The area has a history of quality and elegance. It was first settled in 1889 as an upscale community, and initially given the name "East Seattle". The early settlers had a vision for this community that it remain pristine and non-commercialized.

That vision is still alive as the area of Mercer Island is primarily well-maintained, single-family homes. Mercer Island residents take pride in their yards and desire quality landscaping -- clean landscape designs, sturdy construction, and attention to detail. Our full-service garden stewardship program has been a welcomed service for homeowners on Mercer Island.

Amidst the fine Mercer Island landscape looms an inevitable truth. Mercer Island is still an island and, as with many areas around Seattle, the landscape is challenged with steep slopes and erosion. Shown below is a landscape design by Environmental Construction addressing the problem of slope stabilization while maintaining quality landscape design.

Environmental Construction, Inc.

It's not simply about designing and building beautiful garden spaces, it's about providing a landscape oasis where you can relax from the daily grind and recharge. Let us create an outdoor space that will enhance your home and quality of life.

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