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"Hi Lori, Thanks for making the trip to Kent so we could meet you! Your crew are amazing! We loved having them here, they are so good, and accomplished so much! I really like that they know so much about plants and do what it takes to make the plants and the garden happy! It made us happy, too!. Thanks again, we look forward to the next visit."
--Diane K from Kent (March, 2019)
"My garden is looking wonderful. Zach does an awesome job. He sees things that need doing and takes care of them. He does more in one day than anyone I have ever had do work for me. Thanks to all of you!"
--M.B. (October, 2018)
"I just came in from wandering through the garden and thinking how blessed I am to have you two taking such good care of it for me. I truly appreciate all the work you do. You two are my garden gurus. Many thanks"
--Marj (April, 2018)
"I think of you every time we are sitting outside under our beautiful addition that the fine company, Environmental Construction, built for us!!!! Well, not every time-but most of them."
--Gary N. (October, 2017)
"I am very pleased and incredibly happy with the new side yard and backyard space. As always, it is a pleasure to work with you and your team. And especially appreciate the opportunity to collaborate on planting layout, creative interaction, and your general tolerance of my thoughts and ideas. It's great energy and great fun to work with knowledgable professional people. Thank you."
--Carol (February, 2014)
"Thank you all for the nice work done. I've received many nice comments on my yard which I pass on to you all from my neighbors! Thank you so much."
--E. Strandness
"We just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate and enjoy our new front yard and the new deck. We continue to get compliments from people driving by. The rock roses have a new spurt of growth and the daylilies are beautiful."
"So, pretty much you rock my landscaping world! I can't tell you how much I appreciate all the time and attention you put into our yard, which I know was a small project for you, but you treated it like gold, just the same. We're watering like crazy and it looks beautiful!"
--S. Weaver
"Tom, I really like how the backyard looks, especially as the greenery is returning. Your crew did a great job!"
"We're delighted with our new patio. Nick and Nick did a great job. Were very pleased with the plants, now if only they would hurry up and mature. Were looking forward to spending lots of time there this summer. Thank you."
"Thank you for your very noble efforts at initially retaining me as a client. I am deeply satisfied with the outcome."
"It's nice to come home and to sit on my beautiful deck and reflect. Please say "Hi" to everyone and thanks, too."

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