Meet The Staff


As a team of experienced landscapers, we open the door for each customer to enjoy their home from the outside.

Our entire ECI staff of landscape contractors agrees that there is nothing more satisfying than working with people in an environmentally responsible manner to enhance their leisure experience while staying within the comfort of their own private space. We are passionate about green landscaping -- providing quality construction and eco-friendly Northwest gardens. Our goal is to help design and develop fresh and unique landscapes that reflect each client's sense of individuality. We are committed to fine quality and excellent design.

Tom Barrett, President

Tom Barrett, President of Environmental Construction Inc., graduated from Ohio State University in 1979 with a BS degree in Landscape Horticulture. Tom's unique abilities at site assessment & development, eco-friendly landscaping, and personal skills have kept him busy as a landscape contractor. He has been creating gardens and improving outdoor spaces in Northwest Washington for almost three decades.

Lori Beehner, Logistics Manager, is a 1994 graduate of St. Cloud State University of Minnesota. After honing her management skills for seven years with a large retail store, Lori recognized her urge toward creativity by changing her career path. She started to install gardens with ECI in 2004. After taking additional design classes from South Seattle Community College, Lori has become a green landscaping force to be reckoned with. Her sense of creativity, quality control, and organizational skills has cemented her role as an integral part of our landscape design and customer service team.

Jon Daughtry, Landscape Foreman, has been with Environmental Construction, Inc. since August 2007. He is amazing. There is no job too big or too small for Jon to tackle, and he always has a positive attitude and a smile on his face. He is a person who is also able to spread that positive energy to his co-workers as he leads them through each days challenges.

Lori Beehner and Jon Daughtry both became business partners of Environmental Construction Inc. on December 31, 2017, officially making us an employee owned business.

Travis Bergner, Landscape Technician, has been with Environmental Construction, Inc. since April of 2010. Travis is generally cool, calm, and collected as he faces and works through the challenging jobs that we ask him to tackle. His capacity to understand and master complex carpentry challenges makes him ideally suited for our outdoor kitchens, decks, pergolas, and other carpentry projects. Travis has also become a skilled mason.

Travis' list of things most folks do not know about him includes a love of puff pastries, his Spectize Bass Guitar, and his penchant for living on the edge. When asked, he said he works for Environmental Construction to satisfy his lifelong obsession for playing in the dirt.

Adam Tharp, Garden Care Specialist, joined Environmental Construction, Inc. in the fall of 2012. Adam signed up with a particular interest in helping us grow the garden stewardship and maintenance branch of our business.

Adam grew up and still resides on Vashon Island where he and his wife ran a maintenance company for seven years. It was shortly after they were blessed with a baby daughter that their desire to simplify life won out over their desire to be self-employed. That decision has benefited our company greatly as Adam's sense of the landscape maintenance business combined with his extensive experience in lighting and irrigation work as well as his successful completion of several Plant Amnesty pruning courses has benefited many of our more discerning garden stewardship clientele.

Clay East, Landscape Construction Staff, has been working with our company since February of 2013, with occasional breaks to work in Alaska for a few weeks each summer to help in the Salmon processing industry. I like this young man because he graduated from my Alma Matter (The Ohio State University). Clay came west from Ohio to rekindle some great experiences he had during a previous holiday visit pursuing his love of the great outdoors. Clay is always meticulous in his preparation for work each day and wins the corporate award for most reliable time sheet and data entries on our internet-based job costing. We are privileged to benefit from his ever growing skill set as one of our landscape construction staff members.

Sabas Arrieta, Landscape Construction Staff, joined our team in May of 2015. He has proven to have a vast amount of experience in all aspects of landscape construction. Sabas has special skills in equipment operation, laying pavers and natural stone, plus irrigation installation. Sabas is the kind of man who brings a sense of calm to each job as he shares his experiences with his fellow crew mates. His hard work ethic stands out as a fine example to all he shares his time with. As we get to know Sabas more, his personality makes him a pleasure to be around.

Nate Vanbuskirk, Landscape Construction Staff, is our second locally-born-and-raised employee from Whidbey Island, Washington. Having grown up as a second generation construction kid, the broad exposure he received from his dad have gone a long way toward increasing our abilities to build wonderful gardens. His work ethic is second to none and his observation and suggestions regarding how Environmental Construction Inc. can operate more smoothly and efficiently offer unexpected value to having him on our team. Nate loves cars, working out at the gym, and learning about the various aspects of both landscape construction and garden stewardship.

Zach Brown, Landscape Construction Staff - In addition to Tom Barrett, Zach represent the third Environmental Construction Inc. team member from NE Ohio. He studied Forestry at Hocking College in SE Ohio where he learned to appreciate the environmental wonders of our planet earth. He moved to Seattle in 2015 because our state offered him the unique combination of city life surrounded by forests, mountains and ocean that we all know and love. Zach enjoys reading true life stories of survival and loves working with plants and being able to make a living operating outside the four walls that many call their office.

Craig Holland

Craig Holland. After growing up on Whidbey Island, Washington, Craig enlisted in the US Army for 3-1/2 years. While learning the skill of clearing IED's from the roadway ahead of our troop movements, he also learned the importance of keeping a cool head under enormous pressure and working with a team. These are both skills that we have found useful in this company and apply well as he has become one of our first "certified flaggers". Craig moved back to Seattle and joined our team on 7/05/2017 and now represents the tying run between employees from Ohio and those from Whidbey Island, WA. We enjoy three of each. When asked what personal qualities he wanted people to know about him, he replied "single and ready to mingle". Hmmm, I wonder how long that will last? Craig is a solid as they come and honest as the day is long. We continue to count our good fortune for the opportunity to work with him and the rest of our staff.

Pamela Shepodd, Office Manager

Pamela Shepodd, Office Manager, has been living in the great northwest for decades. She has been on the Environmental Construction team since 2012. Her extensive background in small business management has been a true benefit to our company.

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