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Oh the beautiful Northwest garden, with its many flowers and lush greenery, is in a category of its own. We hope you enjoy these blogs which discuss topics specifically related to gardening in the Pacific Northwest.

Blogs in this category

Edible gardens - Have your landscape and eat it too.Enjoy your plants in the garden and on the table.
Northwest native plants used in landscapingChoose native plants for your Washington garden and reap the benefits.
Growing and storing dahliasGrowing and storing dahlias is not that difficult when you know a few key secrets. Now, with the help of this blog, you can become a master dahlia gardener and enjoy the beautiful results.
Crocosmia Flowers and environmentally correct plantingNot to be confused with a crocus this beautiful plant is one to consider for your Pacific Northwest garden.
Lavender GardensLavender a plant that looks and smells terrific in fields and in small town gardens is something you should look at as part of an edible garden. It is also good for the environment as it provides food for bees.
The green wall - a unique landscaping ideaFor a touch of creativity, consider a green wall in your garden. Diverse greenery of the Pacific Northwest allows us to create living green walls that make gardens especially unique.
Pacific Northwest native plantingsGardening in the Pacific Northwest is becoming greener; that is, we are starting to "plant green". We are planting more native plants and abstaining from invasive plants in an effort to create more eco-friendly gardens. Test your native planting I.Q. with a fun crossword puzzle about Pacific Northwest native plants.
Planting ornamental grasses in Seattle areaLandscaping with grass doesn't mean more mowing. Ornamental grasses offer an array of beautiful colors, texture, sizes and very little maintenance.
Celebrate Festival of Trees by making a nature tree for birdsFestival of Trees is a fun event for the whole family where you can collect some tree-decorating ideas and support the Children's Hospital at the same time. In this blog, we have a tree-decorating and holiday-giving idea of our own.
Prepare for the windGardening in the Pacific Northwest, particularly in the Seattle area, means you need to prepare for the wind.
Planting crocus bulbsYou should be planting your crocus bulbs, even if it's a little late.
Weeds and Invasive plants in the NorthwestA glimpse into the world of weeds and invasive plants -- here's what NOT to plant if you live in the Pacific Northwest.
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