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Let your creative juices flow as you read through these blogs offering ideas and resources that will help you create unique landscape design.

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Ideas for landscape design with re-used materials This is a pack-rats dream – reusing instead of throwing away. Rev up your creative side to some new and really cool landscaping ideas.
Landscaping and gardening resourcesHere we share our recommendations for excellent landscaping and gardening resources. Also, see which gardening book an Issaquah homeowner prefers.
Best garden tools for landscape maintenanceWe have asked our clients what tools they like best for doing yard work. Here are some of their recommendations...
Goodbye daylight savings...Hello outdoor lightingThe return to "standard time" means it will be getting darker sooner. Are you ready for this?
Ground cover, hardscape, or clover -- anything but grassIf you love green grass but not the lawn, you might want to consider replacing with groundcover, rock, native plants, or all the above.
Front yard low maintenance landscaping ideas If you want a nice-looking front yard, but low maintenance is important to you, then here are a few landscaping ideas.
Courtyard landscaping ideasHere's an intro to courtyard landscaping and a few ideas to consider.
Stone in landscape designUsing one of the oldest materials (stone) in landscape design.
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