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Proper maintenance of bushes, flowers, and landscape features is as important as the initial design and installation. Here we have written several blogs to help answer your questions related to maintaining the beauty of your landscape.

Blogs in this category

Tree pruning in the Northwest is just what the doctor orderedTrees will grow healthy and beautifully if the tree pruning is done correctly and at the right time of year.
Transplanting plants – is it time for the movePlants grow so well in our Seattle climate that before long it's time to transplant them to a new area in the garden. Protect your plants by learning a few techniques to ensure success when it's time for transplanting your plants.
Fall clean-up and maintenanceWhen it's time for Fall clean-up and maintenance, these are the things you need to know.
Checklist for fall landscape maintenanceWith so many fall landscape maintenance chores to remember, we hope this simple checklist will help.
Cleaning walkways and patios of moss and algaeHere are some of the products and chemicals typically used to clean moss and algae from walkways and patios in the Seattle area and the effect these cleaning products and methods can have on the environment.
Yard maintenance in Seattle vs. garden stewardshipIn busy Seattle, garden stewardship trumps your average yard maintenance service. Let us explain…
Landscape fabric used in landscape design and maintenanceThere are so many types of landscape fabric variations used in landscape design and maintenance. They are not just used for controlling weeds. So which landscape fabric do you choose, and when?
So mulch to write aboutWhy landscape mulch is recommended and what type to use.
Mulching with compost, wood chips, or barkMulching with compost, wood chips, or bark...that is the question. Spreading mulch is beneficial for the garden, but we have our favorite combination.
Advice about watering plantsWhen and how much to water is often a challenge for home owners. Here is some good advice about watering plants to help quench your garden's thirst and keep it healthy.
Garden fertilizerWhat type of garden fertilizer do you need? Let me tell you.
Lawn care serviceSimple steps to lawn care in the Pacific Northwest.
Pruning roses and fruit treesProper pruning is an art. Before you start snipping at branches this winter, take some time to read about how to prune roses and fruit trees.
Spring cleanup checklistHere’s the best garden tool of all for spring cleanup: A Spring Cleanup Checklist!
Lawn care management in springYou can "roll out the green carpet" this summer, but it will take a little work. Environmental Construction Inc. offers some simple advice to help with lawn care management this spring.
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