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We want to protect the beauty of the area in which we live. These blogs related to conservation, erosion control and sustainability are written with landscape ecology in mind.

Blogs in this category

Rain gardens control runoff and protect lakes and streamsInstalling a rain garden is an effective way to deal with water run-off and drainage issues while also protecting our environment.
Prepare the soil with organic fertilizer and reap the benefits.Growing good food and healthy plants begins with the soil.
How to save water when gardeningYou can save water and have a green garden too.
Making compost for the gardenOrganic gardening begins with a quality fertilizer. Making garden compost saves money and provides the nutrients your garden is hungry for.
Kirkland Landscaper recommends French drainsWhat is a french drain? Do I need a french drain, because I don't like culverts? Drainage is the question we will answer in this blog. How to deal with Seattle rain and keep your landscape too.
Water runoff and permeabililtyWater runoff and what to do with our wet Pacific Northwest winter water.
Organic fertilizers for the gardenPopular organic garden fertilizers that are great for the garden.
Food security/sustainabilityEnvironmental Construction has helped "The Garden Project" as it helps our community and the world in general.
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