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These blogs are all about creating unique landscape designs -- a perfect beginning to improving your outdoor living spaces. Sit back...relax and enjoy our collection of landscape design blogs. Then contact us with questions or to request a consultation. Environmental Construction wants to help you design a landscape that you will cherish for years.

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When to begin a landscape design projectA landscape design project can take several weeks of planning. Here is what you can do now to get started.
Landscaping with re-used materialsRe-using landscape materials, such as wood from an old barn, creates a unique and treasured landscape design.
Front entry landscapingDesigning a front entry so it showcases your home.
Garden Design - Landscape BlueprintsWhy do we need blueprints for landscape design?
Rain gardens rock!Here's to the rain! Let's celebrate the season with a rain garden and make it your own unique design.
Outdoor light installation Environmental Construction can help you brighten up the dark winter ahead with outdoor lighting installed near walkways, in fountains, pools, and on decks and patios.
That’s swale constructionSwales and bio-swales are an intricate part of our Pacific Northwest landscapes. View a video of our recent swale construction.
Large rocks and little stones used in landscapingThe use of rocks and stones in the landscape design serves a multitude of purposes.
A moonlight garden...the new romantic get-awayIs there anything more romantic than a garden walk in the moonlight?
Colorful garden design in the Pacific NorthwestCreating an interesting garden with an eye on color.
Landscaping a hillsideHillsides and excessive rain are not compatible, but slope landscaping and terracing can create a beautiful relationship.
Curb appeal - front and backAre you getting ready to sell your home. Never underestimate the value of curb appeal...front and back.
Glass in the gardenA visit to Chihuly Garden of Glass in Seattle is enough to make us want to talk about using glass in the garden.
A list of flowers is the place to startWhether creating a landscape design of native plants or succulents, a list of flowers is the place to start.
Landscape design for summer plantingsLandscape design is a tricky task. Here are a few tips to create and awesome summer garden.
Garden planning starts in fallIt's Fall and time to get to work designing the garden. Here are some suggestions.
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