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These blogs are about garden structures -- elements within the garden designed to add uniqueness and beauty. They are a platform for the color that surrounds them. A garden structure can take many forms from interesting patios and tile-work to water features and garden sculptures. Some garden structures serve a useful purpose as well, such as garden steps and rock walls.

Blogs in this category

Garden wallsGarden walls are built for a variety of reasons -- visual appeal as well as useful purposes -- and enhance a garden with their many attributes.
Ideas for garden wallsIf you know you need a garden wall but have no idea what kind, we at Environmental Construction are here to help.
Crossword puzzle -- landscaping with hardscapesWhat is one landscaping project that's really hard, but a whole lot of fun? You're about to find out. Go ahead...take a peek.
Build a patio for a sculpture, ornament, or water featureCreating the perfect place to display a sculpture, monolith, fountain, or ornament, may be to build a patio.
Outdoor storage - accessories for the gardenIs building a large storage unit on your To-Do List for this summer? Then hold on!...Here are some ideas for outdoor storage.
Garden gatesTake a walk through the garden gate and consider the possibilities.
Add an herb garden wall to your outdoor kitchenGarden walls, especially for growing herbs, are the new trend in outdoor kitchen construction.
Garden landscape edging ideasWhy you may want to install landscape edging, and some things to think about before you begin.
Plastic garden benches…or stone, wood, metalEvery garden needs a place where you and your guests can sit and relax and enjoy the beauty of the landscape, but what type of garden bench do you choose - plastic, stone, wood, or metal? What are all the pluses and minuses? And Is there such a thing as "the perfect garden bench"?
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