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Stop and smell the roses! Here we discuss specific flowers and flowering plants used in the garden. We give advice about how and where to grow certain types of flowers or plants, and how to care for them.

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See them SedumsSedums are a succulent that grows well in many areas including the Pacific Northwest.
Draping plants and hanging basketsLet's talk about plants that are good for draping over walls, rocks, fences, and from hanging baskets.
7 Steps to collecting and saving seedsA fun family project is to collect seeds in the fall and save them for planting in the spring.
Planting dayliliesThe daylily is hardy, beautiful, and rarely eaten by deer...so let's get planting!
Garden planting scheduleFall is upon us and it’s time to get started with your garden planting schedule. Here are a few suggestions.
A List Of Purple FlowersPurple is a lot of things: rain, princes, grape juice. It is also one of the most popular colors of flowers -- people LOVE purple flowers. Add color variety to your garden. Reference this list of purple flowers.
Perennial flowers -- fall bulbsPlanting and growing perennial flowers and fall bulbs for a colorful garden or to display in a vase instead of eaten by deer.
How to care for succulents in the Pacific NorthwestKeep your succulents growing and looking as healthy as when they came home from the nursery. Here's how to care for succulents in the Pacific Northwest.
Buttercup flowersFriend or foe, the buttercup is growing in our garden.
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