2017 Flower and Garden Show In Seattle

Description:  The Northwest Flower and Garden Show in Seattle never ceases to amaze us. Time to get ready for spring.
Author: Tom Barrett
Friday, January 27, 2017

Do you find yourself peering out the window at the landscape this time of year and begin making a to-do list of all the work you want to do in the yard. You’re not alone. This is an excellent time to start planning this year’s gardening projects. It won’t be long before the planting season will be here again and we in the landscaping industry are getting ready.

Spring is in the air!

Seattle area homeowners will soon be visiting their local plant nursery as they are drawn in by the rainbow of colorful flowers reflecting in the bright sun. They will be choosing carts full of all types of plants and pots, and their to-do list will quickly expand. They will then rummage through their sheds looking for a rake that isn’t broken, spades, buckets and gloves. It’s a tradition that repeats every year and it is one of the best traditions of all time.

We know springtime is coming because I took a peek at next month's calendar and...the 2017 Flower and Garden Show in Seattle is in now in view. Yes! This is the highlight of late winter.

When you were a kid, do you remember that feeling of waking up and realizing it was the first day of summer vacation? Ah…the thrill that it has finally arrived. That’s what it feels like to attend the Seattle Flower & Garden Show. It marks the beginning of spring. The displays are so beautiful, the designs so inspiring, you get lost in the moment and it feels like spring is finally here.

It's a place where talent and creativity ooze from the tips of the gardener’s gloves to the toes of their boots. So many new ideas. So many picture-perfect images. If you have never been to the flower and garden show before, you won’t want to miss it. If you have…well, of course you’ll be coming again this year.

2017 Flower & Garden Show in Seattle

February 22-26 (Wed.-Sun.) at the Convention Center

Environmental Construction Inc. will be available and ready and answer your questions or schedule a landscape consultation. Again this year, we will display a photo montage of many of our recent landscape designs. Visit us at booth #710

Please come see us again. We look forward to reconnecting with our past clients and to meeting our new clients at the show.


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