What is xeriscaping

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Description:  You may or may not have heard of xeriscape landscaping. This type of garden can be beneficial even in the Pacific Northwest.
Author: Lori Beehner
Sunday, August 31, 2014

You might think xeriscaping has something to do with duplicating a landscape design using a copying device, but it's far more interesting than that.

The benefits of xeriscaping

xeriscape landscaping

Xeriscape landscaping makes use of garden plants that require less water and maintenance. Xeriscaping is often seen in dry, desert climates. You might think this type of garden design is not necessary for those of us living in the Seattle area, but there are several reasons to consider xeriscape landscaping.

Newly planted and transplanted garden plantings usually require constant watering. Although we get a lot of rain during much of the year, there are periods in the summer where plants don't get enough water. For those times, it is best if the homeowner has a drip irrigation or sprinkler system to ensure the new plants get the water they need. If installing an in-ground sprinkler or drip irrigation is out of the question for you, xeriscaping might be just the ticket. You will still want to protect the plant with a mulch, but xeriscape plants are generally more drought-tolerant.

There are also those who want a garden design that will reduce the cost associated with constant watering. Others want to conserve water for environmental purposes. (Note: Drip irrigation is generally more effective at saving water than a sprinkler system.) We always support saving money and finding ways to conserve resources and choosing xeriscape plants will help.

Saving water and being eco-friendly is not the only reason to consider xeriscaping. Many of these types of plants are "friendly" to us in another way. Xeriscaping plants often require less maintenance. For the homeowner with a large yard and little time, xeriscape landscaping can include several plants that need very little pruning or care.

Types of plants used in a xeriscape

With all this talk about low-water landscape design, we'd better whet your appetite with a few plants that qualify. You could select sedums, lavender, yarrow, heather, thyme, and even some grasses. A garden design using these plants requires very little pruning and watering.

Here is a website about xeriscaping that is full of good information, including a list of xeriscape plants: www.eartheasy.com. Notice that many of the xeriscape plants listed on their website also grow very well in the Seattle area.

Including xeriscaping in garden design

Some homeowners enjoy a segmented landscaped design where one area of the garden requires a fair amount of watering and maintenance, and another area does not. In this case, a small irrigation system might target certain areas of the garden and bypass other areas. This garden design will provide the best of both worlds and a nice variety of color.

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Environmental Construction Inc. can install drought-tolerant xeriscape plants in one area of your yard or fill the entire landscape -- it's your choice.

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