Garden Sculpture Display at Seattle Garden Show

Description:  The garden show is over and it was a terrific success. Our garden sculpture was a favorite of many and our garden landscape design showed how your garden can work with our wet weather and wind to be stunning and relaxing at the same time. You might want to sit out under the covered deck while it rains now...
Author: Tom Barrett
Tuesday, February 21, 2012

This short video shows what the garden looked like. The wind blows the kinetic sculpture this way and that and its petals "flutter" or rotate in mesmerizing ways. The deck overlooks a water containment system that reduces runoff and erosion and allows the landscape to be stable even when wet. The plantings work well for a gloomy day but also are pleasing in bright light as well with the reddish hints drawing out the iron work.

Our garden was well received by the viewers. When hanging around it we heard many exclamations of "Wow" and "Oh! That's incredible" and "That is interesting... can we have that in our yard?"

Other bloggers have liked our work. Here is what [email protected] had to say:


However, the garden that impressed me most was The Convergence Zone: Rock ‘n’ Roll meets Heavy Metal and had as its centerpiece a mesmerizing dandelion-like silver sculpture that opened and closed and whirled around like unfolding petals in the wind.
As well as this unusual kinetic artwork, the garden was intelligently planted and functionally creditable with a balcony-style shelter, green wall and protruding iron-grid-like spouts, evenly spaced to channel water over the deck area and down in graceful arching streams into a pond below.


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